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  1. Raek

    Day after purchasing Taycan 4S Electrical system error and bricked car in the middle of the highway.

    I find it really odd that the people that are “almost getting sent off of cliffs” aren’t answering a simple question in regards to steering and brakes. What would they do in the case of a tire blow out or other mechanical issue?
  2. Raek

    Installed CETE Automotive Active Suspension Control - Air Suspension

    Right? It was great getting all of that gnarliness in my snout, haha. I can only imagine what's trapped in the rear bumper cladding!
  3. Raek

    Confused with all the charging apps..

    Yep. I've been using the connect app exclusively to charge (for free).
  4. Raek

    Installed CETE Automotive Active Suspension Control - Air Suspension

    Me? I'm never happy with anything as-is. However, I've made sure that the "lowered" and "low" settings are only a few mm lower than OEM. Usually, production vehicles for the public are never anywhere near their actual ride heights for performance, anyway (unless we're counting the GT cars)...
  5. Raek

    Installed CETE Automotive Active Suspension Control - Air Suspension

    Annnnnd, it's great. Install was pretty easy, minus the horrible German > English translation. But, once you figure out where all of the sensors are for the ride height, it's a decent paced process. My only gripe is that the app is pretty clunky and slow, but I spoke with someone from CETE who...
  6. Raek

    Jack stand tools

    Get yerself one of these:
  7. Raek

    Thoughts on the Taycan (long, rambling, possibly non-sensical)

    Hey, man...too many words.
  8. Raek

    New Tequipment for Taycan: rear light bar with glacier ice blue letters.

    I just kinda wish there was some sort of animation to the tails :(
  9. Raek

    Sunset Shots With Friends

    No sir. BC Forged. I’ve had a few sets of Rotiforms in the past, and while they make a great wheel...I couldn’t find anything that fit the Taycan’s whole vibe as much as these.
  10. Raek

    2021 April Software update results - 2020 Taycan Turbo

    Welp, got my car back after a solid week and it's great! All of my settings were there and my intermittent charging issues on the DC port were addressed. Couldn't be happier! Also, the OTA updates were super fast when I got home.
  11. Raek

    Spacers on 20'' Turbo Aero rims

    Check my older picture threads. Had 15mm all around.
  12. Raek

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Well, dropped my car off last Monday, so it's been a solid week. I had also notified them of an intermittent charging issue on my DC port. Got a weird and very impersonal text that I thought was spam on Friday saying that they were hoping it'd be done by Monday or Tuesday, which is very unlike...
  13. Raek

    Version 4.5 of iOS Porsche Connect App is out

    Oh man....what dealership were you using? My car's at Huntington since Monday, and I haven't heard a peep from them.
  14. Raek

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    We should do a more comprehensive and legible list of who’s had issues, what MY, region, dealership, etc etc.
  15. Raek

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    So, I just brought mine in on Monday...the only issue I'm having is this base model Macan that made me realize just how silly low-powered ICE vehicles are. However, it made me appreciate my old Macan GTS that much more. For now, I'm patiently waiting and biting my nails reading this thread. I...
  16. Raek

    Want "Auto" driving mode

    You should get a Tesla and sit in the back seat.
  17. Raek

    Some of the mods for our new Taycan RWD

    Just ordered my CETE ASC yesterday. Can't wait to install it!
  18. Raek

    Sunset Shots With Friends

    A couple of vintage 911 friends and I took a spirited drive out to the beach on Saturday for some evening shots. By the time we were ready, the sky was overcast and pretty gross. Figured we'd do some soft lighting shots regardless, but halfway through were treated to one of the best sunsets I've...