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  1. Are roof rails now standard with pano roof?

    That's a bummer
  2. Taycan Cross Turismo Drive2Extremes Video

    That's a bad-ass marketing video - great production, great cinematography. Now we know what some of the big Taycan price is funding :CWL: Thanks for sharing. Wonder what set up was used to drift like that and if the set was the same for sand and snow, PTV+? PDCC?
  3. [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Hi @submatrix , this fellow, Tom Mahoney, has a video review series on Electric vehicle charging equipment. He covers Taycan as well.
  4. Charging issues

    TeslaTap Adapter home page
  5. Please judge my option plan

    Would you pay $600 for that experience? That's the PEC delivery option price for a Taycan
  6. NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    One has to appreciate that the Manufacturer is "TBD" in this report
  7. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Hey @LukeManning , heard anything about MY22 given the supply chain challenges? Any whispers what might be different between MY21 AND MY22 for Turbo S?
  8. Installed CETE Automotive Active Suspension Control - Air Suspension

    @Raek , I'm quite curious to know your perspective on Porsche's factory-supplied suspension settings. Do you feel they are incorrect for the vehicle and how you drive it? or is the CETE system primarily for aesthetics?
  9. MY2022 wish list

    I'm with you on the HUD. In the U.S., we get a "Technology Package" that includes a few bits: I'm with you on the YOLO build. 18 years of kids in private school has kept me in a different car choice category if you know what I mean - this one's for me :CWL:. Re fiber mirrors, the fiber...
  10. MY2022 wish list

    Same here :-) But she's just as anxious as I am for this car to finally make an appearance. Looking like 7 months or more still with all the parts shortages... NICE CONFIG! Very stealthy color selection. Here's mine: It's interesting to compare standard...
  11. MY2022 wish list

    Good luck to you @TomC . It's been a bit frustrating out here in California. I've sought a MY2021 Turbo S allocation from every dealer within a couple hundred miles - no joy. I've been led to understand that Turbo S allocations are made at the beginning of the MY then dry up to be replaced with...
  12. MY2022 wish list

    Did your dealer already receive an allocation for a 2022? Or are you "in line" for a 2022 allocation? Seems early for allocations... I've been looking for a Turbo S allocation (any - 2021 or 2022) since January.
  13. Weight: standard vs PCCB brakes

    If one is after the Turbo S, PCCBs are standard and PSCBs are not offered as an option (on the configurator). One can pay $900 for black calipers instead of yellow... A simple article describing the difference between Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB) and the Porsche Surface Coated...
  14. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    Thanks, @SeattleYates, for saving me $1,100~! Just made that adjustment to my order.
  15. Cargo Net for Trunk

    Post a picture for us?
  16. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Hi @Luke, I am being told by a dealer in Northern California that the Taycan configurator will be updated for 2022 builds in May 2021, and that allocations for the 2022 Turbo S will be available in June with delivery in Q4. Is this accurate?
  17. [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    All I need is a good contractor in Palo Alto. Recommendations welcome!
  18. Buy/Finance vs. Lease - Pros & Cons

    Sign me up for the convertible. When it's available, I'll be trading in my 1st gen.
  19. Buy/Finance vs. Lease - Pros & Cons

    I took this position on a 2017 EV thinking there would be substantial changes in three years of leasing. Turns out the evolution is much slower that than. There were no changes in the EV train. The changes were in the add-ons and electronics (USB-C for example). One reason that may appeal to...
  20. Gorgeous Day!! - Nov. 7th - 2nd Bay Area "meet up" - 1st annual pre-thanksgiving Taycan Fest…

    I will be Level 5 (or Level 6 depending on available power), but need a good electrical contractor to help.