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  1. Charging port impaired?

    Just wanted to pop back in here and say the new "charge door harness" completely resolved my issues with the charge doors. It's been working great for a few weeks now...not a single failure.
  2. Removal of driver'side of dash fuse cover (panel facing door)?

    Done. Not that I would want that to be loose, but it's not that easy to get off!
  3. Removal of driver'side of dash fuse cover (panel facing door)?

    Thanks, @tigerbalm - I'll manhandle it a bit more in those locations, after first emptying my bladder to prevent any fright-related incidents as the clips release.
  4. Removal of driver'side of dash fuse cover (panel facing door)?

    Anyone know how to remove the cover on the driver's side of the dash - the flat part, facing the door? I tried lightly prying with a trim tool and it didn't seem to want to release... The guide says this So perhaps I'm just not being diligent/rough enough?
  5. Main account showing as Secondary user?

    Yup. That's what I had to do.
  6. Main account showing as Secondary user?

    This happened to me at my last service; call Porsche - they've likely split your account into two and need to merge them back together. You then need to delete the user in the car and re-add it.
  7. Got pulled over today…

    AVI Boston does a magnetic front plate holder; magnets inside the bumper and the plate holder, so it pops on and off quite quickly...
  8. Charging port impaired?

    I think this may be the same issue. The stutter may be that the other-side-sensor is intermittent, the car is trying to prevent you from opening both sides, etc. But, of course, it's hard to be certain. Mine, though, would sometimes open part way and then suddenly close, or open fully and...
  9. Connect weirdness during service - car gone?

    So, interestingly, that wasn't the problem. What seems to have happened is that my user became the "secondary user" of the car, because during service something happened to my account that "split it" into two identical accounts. Porsche had to recombine the accounts and I had to go back through...
  10. Connect weirdness during service - car gone?

    My car, which has been in for service since last Monday, seems to have been deleted from my Connect account, which is...weird. I received an email this morning that said it was "removed from my account" at 8:04am, that I need to "activate it", and that I should contact them immediately. Of...
  11. Charging port impaired?

    To follow-up further with this, there's a new service bulletin about the issue, with the WLK2 workshop campaign. The fix involves replacing the sensor harnesses for both doors. The problem seems to be that the sensor that indicates the door is shut isn't working properly, and this resolve it...
  12. Valentine 2 Savvy OBD Question

    Or, if you have Android, the JBV1 app is even better than V1Driver.
  13. Charging port impaired?

    I've been struggling with this on both sides of the car for months. The driver's side port mostly won't open at this point (or if it opens it closes immediately) but the other side works (if it's in an error state, turning the car off for 15 minutes fixes that side). I'm going in for a...
  14. And so the problems begin...

    Usually, powering off the car, locking it and waiting 15 minutes will clear faults...which is likely why it's "OK" now. But you have the photographic evidence. Fortunately, this "annoyance" can also prove useful, if you have a fault that is intermittent but currently blocking operation - power...
  15. built-in radar detector?

    I use a windshield mounted Escort Redline 360c at present (which is challenging given the size of the cutout, and I'm sure I'm not getting good performance), and looked at a lot of these systems. One of the big issues with the integrated units like the 360ci is that it's years behind the...
  16. built-in radar detector?

    This was based on Vortex Radar's laser testing where he thought the laser jamming was great, including Dragon Eye, but didn't like the Radar part (which is what they've supposedly updated). But yes - from everything I've read, you do have to install it properly. You'd hope, though, that any of...
  17. built-in radar detector?

    I think the Stinger also defeats the Dragon Eye (in fact, I'm sure of it), and they're supposedly about to release a new antenna that greatly improves its Radar performance. The Stinger "heads" are also super tiny; way better looking.
  18. About to place my 4S CT Order

    The Matrix lights are just so cool and it's so disappointing that we can't get them in the US. I'd love the hear the argument as to why they're not better than the regulatory standard.
  19. Dealing with the front license plate

    The folks at AVI Boston do a "magnetic" front plate mount. No visible external attachments, strong magnets, not cheap (since you have to remove the front bumper to install the magnets, but if you're getting an integrated radar detector, that has to be done anyway). So you can pop the plate on...
  20. Radar Detector question

    If you haven't see it, offers a very nice display integration into the rear view mirror.