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  1. PanameraFrank

    colors for 2022 models

    I HIGHLY doubt there are new colors until the mid cycle refresh. So 23 or 24. The "new colors" for '21 were actually part of the original pre-release set of colors, per the brochure in 2019, but for some reason they weren't all ready for MY20s.
  2. PanameraFrank

    PTV+ versus rear wheel steering on a CT 4S

    If you're only getting one it's RWS and not even close.. PTV+ is a subtle addition that you'll never actually miss. RWS makes every single low speed turn feel MUCH better AND is a really nice boost to sporty driving. RWS is just essential on a car this big. It makes the car feel much smaller...
  3. PanameraFrank

    Registering Taycan in a LLC in USA

    You're 100% going to get audited if you buy the Taycan through an LLC out of state and still try to get the tax credit. 100%. The IRS does not like people using the sales tax loophole and you're trying to double dip by getting the tax credit, too (if it still exists by the time you get your...
  4. PanameraFrank

    Electrek Review of Audi e-tron GT

    So far everything I've seen is exactly what I expected, it's a quintessential Audi. Fast, fairly good looking if a bit cookie cutter, fairly nice tech, capable but bland driving performance. And I don't mean that as an insult.. Audis are probably the most solid buy for someone that has a family...
  5. PanameraFrank

    Does this trick for maximizing battery charge range actually work? 🤔

    If you take the range number the car shows you to the grocery store along with a dollar bill you can buy a can of soda! Ie.. it's worthless. It's especially worthless at 100% charge sitting in a driveway as the car is literally just throwing a number out there. The initial number mine shows has...
  6. PanameraFrank

    No real-time traffic in Porsche Navigation

    Honestly Porsche should just delete Connect and start from scratch. Currently the car is better if you don't use it. As for real time Nav, I've discussed this in another thread but name one car manufacturer that has a Nav system as good as Waze or Google Maps. There is simply no reason for the...
  7. PanameraFrank

    Sheeme150 just posted "The PAINS of Living with an EV! My WORST Experience Yet"

    There are zero EA chargers from Bozeman, MT until Minnesota, MN and only a handful of 50 kw. But that's likely due to politics, I'm quite certain EA is itching to put up chargers along I90 and hasn't because of local pushback. I honestly think if these electric trucks end up being as cool as...
  8. PanameraFrank

    Sheeme150 just posted "The PAINS of Living with an EV! My WORST Experience Yet"

    The West coast is really stress free. I can go anywhere from Washington to Colorado to California with a few minutes of planning all on 150+ chargers. Eastern Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas are a huge dead zone but west of that you're gucci.
  9. PanameraFrank

    Sports Chrono No Clock in 4S

    It does include the clock, it's a configurator glitch. All Sports Chrono specc'd cars have the clock, period. You can't even delete it if you want to. Be aware that the configurator is a loose preview and does NOT always accurately represent features. Double check with your salesperson...
  10. PanameraFrank

    2 Seater Taycan convertible (aka Boxster EV)

    Probably true! Especially as the charging infrastructure will (hopefully) be more reliable by the time it's out. An EV Macan + EV Roadster might end up being the way to go, even over a Taycan, depending on cost.
  11. PanameraFrank

    Contacting Porsche's Customer Service

    This isn't unique to Porsche. Most manufacturers avoid dealing directly with customers and will almost always run you back to the dealership.
  12. PanameraFrank

    2 Seater Taycan convertible (aka Boxster EV)

    The interesting thing with the Cayman/Boxsyer EV will be range. The prototypes don't even get 150 miles.
  13. PanameraFrank

    First official Macan BEV photos

    Uhh.. what's going on with the rear of the Macan? Maybe it's just the camo but it looks much worse in those photos than the current gen. Very rounded and Model X ish. Gross.
  14. PanameraFrank

    Thoughts on the Taycan (long, rambling, possibly non-sensical)

    About the only quirk that's caused me the slightest annoyance is the crappy parking assist Porsche uses, but that's true for all of their models. The Taycan "quirks" get overblown by people new to the brand that are coming from companies with boring to drive cars that have great software. If...
  15. PanameraFrank

    Tesla's "rollout" 0-60

    As mentioned above, baking in a rollout to a 0-60 time is industry standard. Some are more transparent about it but almost everyone does it. Even if it wasn't, I wouldn't consider it too sketchy to include a rollout for an EV vs an ICE. As we all know, a 3.5 second EV is really a lot faster...
  16. PanameraFrank

    PPF regrets?

    I'm the opposite, I only got a Kenzo Ceramic coating and would stick with just that again. Well over 10k miles in, a decent amount on worse roads (gravel, nearly offroading, etc.) than 95% of Taycans will ever see, and zero paint damage. I'm quite confident most people picking up chips on their...
  17. PanameraFrank

    Doug Demuro impressed by Taycan Cross Turismo

    I sort of agree. I like Doug, I think his videos are pretty damn good for unfiltered car commentary considering how biased/silly other channels are, but I can't sit through 30 minutes of him. Usually open his videos and pop around to the important bits, very useful for that. I also REALLY...
  18. PanameraFrank

    Spanish Fork EA chargers and a group of 3 test Hummer EV’

    Pretty damn cool! Nice of them to let you really inspect the cars.
  19. PanameraFrank

    Sun visor clip not covered by warrantee?

    Warranties don't cover misuse. If I spill coffee on the seat they won't repair it for free either.
  20. PanameraFrank

    Cold weather, no garage, interested in buying Taycan

    There are a lot of reasons why regularly parking an electric car in those temperatures is a bad idea, plenty of scientific threads going into details. Lots of people still do it, but it's a bad idea. So you should wait until your garage is built but it sure sounds like you're looking for...