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  1. What do you set your shortcut keys to?

    Homelink = Steering Wheel Electric Sportsound = Instrument Cluster Still subject to change though, I've only had the car 2 weeks. As I've started to listen to music in the car with Carplay I find it annoying to have to reach over to the PCM to skip tracks...
  2. What did you guys do with your charging bag?

    Right now mine is in the frunk, but eventually I plan to replace it with the Tesla 20ft bundle for destination charging.
  3. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    No, that's why I said my earlier comment would be off! I was expecting it to be similar to the previous gen, just faster and with a new interior.
  4. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Wow, if true, then I would be very impressed and surprised, and my earlier comment about it driving like my 2018 Model S would be way off. My friend is waiting for delivery on his, now I can't wait to ride/drive it.
  5. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    You could probably sell the Model 3 for a ridiculous price right now, based on what I'm hearing. A coworker claims he sold his 2019 Model 3 with 20k miles to Carmax for the same price he bought it for. WTF?
  6. RWD Fresh off the Lot

    My RWD is springs with 20" aero wheels, and I came from the Model S with air suspension. The ride is definitely not as pillowy as the S, but I feel like maybe you need to feel the road a bit in order to get the engaging driving experience? I also can't compare to the air suspension on the RWD...
  7. Is cruise control standard?

    You can see the standard options by going to the configurator and scrolling to the very bottom and clicking the Standard equipment button.
  8. TeslaTap Mini Adapter feedback?

    I've only tested it extremely briefly but I think TeslaTap's 30 seconds instruction is just being extra safe. When I plug in the adapter to the cable the light on the HPWC turns from solid green to solid blue within 5 seconds. According to the charger manual this means it is in J1772 mode, so I...
  9. TeslaTap Mini Adapter feedback?

    Yeah, as others said, in the chargers config page (ie when you connect to the chargers wifi network) you choose the breaker amperage as per the instructions and then on the summary page it tells you that for a 30A breaker it will pull 24A.
  10. TeslaTap Mini Adapter feedback?

    I figured it out. For some reason, when my electrician set up my HPWC, they didn't configure it to only pull 30A even though it was wired into a 30A breaker. They left it at the default 60A, and told me to adjust my Tesla to only pull 30A. I thought it was strange at the time, but I did it...
  11. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    I cancelled my Model S Long Range (not Plaid) order to get the Taycan. Having driven a 2018 Model S for 3 years up until a week ago, I know how the Model S drives, and I'm pretty sure that part doesn't change with the Plaid. Although the 2 second 0-60 is thrilling (though I've never experienced...
  12. Taycan 4S Performance + Battery - My Real World Range Test Update #3 [Monster Range Test]

    If range mode only uses the front motor on the dual motor models, then I wonder what range mode does on the RWD model?
  13. TeslaTap Mini Adapter feedback?

    I am using a Gen 3, yes. How would I have configured it for Tesla only, is that a setting? If so, how can I turn it off? Also, what is the point of a "Tesla only" setting?
  14. YM20 taycan , why isn’t remote unlocking available in the app as on the Ym21 ?

    I initially thought that lock icon was a button too, but I believe it is simply a status icon. In this case, it means that your car is currently unlocked.
  15. YM20 taycan , why isn’t remote unlocking available in the app as on the Ym21 ?

    Here's the app for my 2021 RWD: Then if you click the key icon, it expands into this:
  16. TeslaTap Mini Adapter feedback?

    I just got the TeslaTap Mini 60A and did my first attempt charging with my Gen3 Tesla HPWC. I followed TeslaTap's instructions and plugged in the adapter to the cable first, waited for a while (admittedly not quite 30 seconds, probably more like 15. I assumed it was ready because the HPWC...
  17. NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    Don't be sorry, that's useful info. Thanks. I assume he didn't get the patch applied to supposedly fix the issue?
  18. NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    Yeah, I definitely am not assuming anything. Just trying to gather as much info as possible. That being said, although obviously there aren't as many RWD's in the wild yet (and they are all 2021), I don't think we've seen any cases of this issue on the RWD thus far, for what it's worth...
  19. Major issues with Taycan Turbo S

    Most likely it is because the cause of the bug is a "rare" condition that is not easily reproducible and depends on a number of conditions happening at the same time. If that were not the case, most likely every car on the road would experience the same bug. The simpler the reproducible case...