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  1. What’s the classiest colour?

    My 4CT is scheduled to arrive in August and I had the exact same discussion with my wife. I was leaning Mamba Green, she felt it was too flashy. So we narrowed it to Gentian Blue and Cherry Red. The blue seems a little too “Hot Wheels” in certain light. I ended up selecting Cherry with beige...
  2. What Colour Inlays

    Cherry Red, with gloss black inlays, window trim and door handles. Can’t wait.
  3. CT4 options not available/delayed

    When I asked my dealer to add black aluminum door sills to my CT4 build, he said the option wasn’t available until July, and mine is a June production.
  4. Taycan Cross Turismo 4-6 Week Delay due to Chip Shortages!!

    My 4CT was pushed from 7/30 delivery to 8/13. We're at the mercy of the global supply chain. Sucks, but it'll be worth the wait.
  5. Delivery delayed - What are others seeing

    Ordered my 4CT in April with a delivery date of 7/30, just got pushed to 8/13. We’ll see if they keep moving the goal posts.
  6. Cross Turismo at US Porsche Dealers - Post Pics / Sightings

    Hah! Same, had to go from Mamba to Cherry when the wife called it “Slimer green.” But now I’m loving the color. Went to see it in person on a Taycan at the dealer. Can’t wait, 7/30 delivery in Chicago. Production scheduled to start on 6/4.
  7. CHERRY METALLIC Taycan Club

    Beautiful! Was it pricy to have the plastic parts painted? I have a 4 Cross Turismo on order in Cherry Metallic and have gloss black accents everywhere. Thinking of having the wheel arches painted gloss black. It’s standard on the Turbo S, but not even an option on the other models. I’ll be...
  8. Why lease a CT 4S over a CT 4?

    Exactly. This is my first Porsche and my first EV. Coming from a Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti(0-60 5.2s). I’m sure the instant torque is gonna make this car a blast to drive regardless of the one second difference. It just a question of value IMO. But again, to each his own, if that 1 sec difference is...
  9. Why lease a CT 4S over a CT 4?

    I was having the same debate. When I configured the 4 it came out to $111k, and the 4S came out to $132k. Pretty much that same 20k difference. In the end I went with the 4. After watching the recent videos and articles reviewing the 4(same cherry red that I picked!) I’m happy with my choice. I...
  10. Section 179 tax deduction for Cross Turismo?

    Same. I am trying to understand plan C. I don’t quite get it. I forwarded that page to my CPA. Hopefully I’ll get an answer this week and can share it here.
  11. Section 179 tax deduction for Cross Turismo?

    Here’s the website I was referencing. They have some pretty clear requirements of what constitutes a truck, this is why I’m skeptical. Here’s the relevant part: ——- A. Your crossover...
  12. Section 179 tax deduction for Cross Turismo?

    After reading some articles on this, it seems that if it can be classified as a truck then you can take either $25,000 deduction in the first year and then depreciate over the course of many years, OR take 100% bonus depreciation in the first year. If it’s not a truck you can take a max of...
  13. Cross Turismo Delivery Dates

    Ordered CT4 on 3/24, not in production yet. Delivery estimated at 7/30.
  14. Section 179 tax deduction for Cross Turismo?

    Yes on business purposes, possibly on the title, depends on how you structured your Corp/LLC etc. (consult your tax professional, I plan to call mine tomorrow) 🤷🏽‍♂️
  15. Section 179 tax deduction for Cross Turismo?

    I ordered my CT4 last month, delivery on 7/30. So I happened to look at the spec sheet for the CT and noticed the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating(GVWR) is 6360lbs. Considering this car is being marketed as a CUV, and I’m using it primarily as my daily driver to and from work, I think it qualifies...
  16. High Gloss Black Inlays for Dolomite Silver CT 4 / 4S?

    I’m in the US. The configurator is definitely wonky at times, especially when I select and deselect the model designation on the rear. But it’s been consistent on the window trim. It has to be just the difference between 4 and 4S like you said. So strange that they consider silver a premium...
  17. High Gloss Black Inlays for Dolomite Silver CT 4 / 4S?

    Yes, it’s the same. I’m calling the dealership tomorrow to confirm, but I can’t imagine they would be two different items.
  18. High Gloss Black Inlays for Dolomite Silver CT 4 / 4S?

    I originally assumed this too, but I found it odd that I could choose silver or high gloss black as window trim options. It made me think what is the standard if those are options. If you scroll down in the configurator to “standard equipment” you’ll see what I mean.
  19. High Gloss Black Inlays for Dolomite Silver CT 4 / 4S?

    I’m getting a Cherry Red CT4, but went with the gloss black door handles and window trim as well as model designation on the back. I’m afraid the gloss black on the inlays will be a magnet for scratches. I live in Chicago and the rock salt used on the roads can be brutal. I stuck with aluminum...
  20. Let’s see your charging setup

    Thank you!