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    Delivery Delayed Due to TPMS

    This has been an issue across the product line - depending on TPMS chip availability at time of manufacture. Seems like the average wait time at port has been a couple of weeks, but better than shutting down production entirely waiting for them. The percentage of cars being shipped without...
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    2022 Cross Turismo Allocations in the US?

    I don't know about cross turismos - suspect it's the same as for the sedan. I was told by my sales manager (info from his area rep) that '22 allocations for the Taycan would not be coming out until November.
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    The weirdest issue I have and I don’t know why

    I suspect Meghan and Harry might have something to do with this....
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    Second thoughts – moving back to ICE

    Going to be swapping my Panamera Turbo for the Taycan 4S - but no way I'm giving up my 911!
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    Ordered...but there's still time! Couple option questions.

    Heated front seats come standard. The option is to include rear seat heating.
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    Porsche Drivers Council Survey about OTA updates

    Same here. Seemed like a rather thorough survey - much more meat to it than the others they've conducted.
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    Porsche Please Listen the Customers and change……

    Absolutely. Take a look at the original post and it will be clear why the responses are what they are. Porsche needs to continue to work on their software development and improve on the vehicle. But leave it a Porsche and avoid all the software gimmicks. I suspect it will be a while before...
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    Porsche Please Listen the Customers and change……

    If Tesla is so responsive, apparently nobody has ever requested that they improve on the dreadfully boring appearance of the cars or the fit/finish of the interior(?).
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    Taycan Cross Turismo 4-6 Week Delay due to Chip Shortages!!

    They have been prioritizing certain lines - that's why I asked. Macan and Cayenne production has been on hold for several weeks now, with planned resumption at the end of July. 911 production has been (and still is) relatively unaffected - delays have been at ports for TPMS chip installation...
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    Taycan Cross Turismo 4-6 Week Delay due to Chip Shortages!!

    Has anyone seen similar delays to production dates for non-CT models? I have a June 18 production date for a 4S and no changes to that (yet) on TYD.
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    Why does one need a wall charger vs just a cable.

    Great info. Thanks.
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    Wifi reception doesn’t extend to charger area

    Are you familiar with the recent firmware update to the charger connect? Was that specific to the "connect" version or do those that are not wifi enabled have to go in periodically to be updated by the dealership?
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    Members Say Hello Here!

    Why such a long wait??? I just ordered a 4S - delivery date August 13th.
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    My Wife Thinks I Should Paint My Taycan Like This

    Must be pretty good drugs. Go for it as long as the supply chain is reliable.
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    Wifi reception doesn’t extend to charger area

    I heard there was an update recently provided OTA for the charger as well. If you have the charger connect, why not take advantage of those capabilities?
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    Delivery delayed - What are others seeing

    Checked with my dealer on this and the info he got from his area rep is that orders for MY22s will not begin until November.
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    Wifi reception doesn’t extend to charger area

    You paid a premium for the "connect" charger - why not look into a wifi range extender for your router?
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    PPF regrets?

    I have done full front end PPF followed by ceramic on 5 Porsches now (about $2,000 for PPF/$1,900 for ceramic - Crystal Serum Ultra). No problems long term with the PPF and no regrets for not getting full body PPF - including on 2 different 911s. Beyond front end the main risk area is in front...
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    Cooled vs ventilated seats

    Porsche seats are ventilated seats - not actively cooled. And they do not blow air out of the seat, they pull air into and through the seat cushion.... they suck, so to speak. But they do the job, in my opinion.
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    i need to activate sport chrono

    Some of these threads offer some pretty decent, cheap entertainment.