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  1. Scandinavian

    Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Let us wait and see the reviews from the press, once the Plaid car is delivered. @daveo4EV , that were a few surprisingly good comments from an experienced track driver. Interesting to follow, but will not influence my choice. But it will certainly raise the bar for other EV’s to be launched...
  2. Scandinavian

    European trips and use of high speed chargers

    @tigerbalm , that looks like a great trip you have planned. Let us hope all the COVID passes will work as planned. fáilte
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    European trips and use of high speed chargers

    @DMTaycan, sounds a good plan. Use your Porsche charge card or the Porsche Charging app and you will get the Porsche rate. I have found more and more of the charging stations are in the nav system on the car, some of them also indicated with green dots if they are free. The advise from @kreshi...
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    YM20 taycan , why isn’t remote unlocking available in the app as on the Ym21 ?

    I was told by Porsche Mobility Service that there is no HW in the car to cater for this? Sounds very strange I know, because there is the Comfort Access??
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    Taycan 4S Performance + Battery - My Real World Range Test Update #3 [Monster Range Test]

    Very interesting report. Good to see how the car behaves in real world driving. I am so amazed by the fact you can drive so long distances at such a similar speed. It will also be very interesting to hear your experience with using the car in sunny days with 30 degrees C in Range mode. I have...
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    On-Board 150 kW/400V DC Charger

    For any countries in Europe both options 150 kW and 22kW are very useful. France have a lot of 22 kW chargers around the country side. And 400 volt chargers are still being rolled out as well as 800 volt chargers. The 22kW option is a bit pricey and you need to estimate how much time you might...
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    E-tron GT officially tested at 328 miles (summer)!

    Go and have a look at TeslaBjörns videos. He does a lot of range tests for a number of cars, Audi, Porsche, Tesla, Hyundai, Vw, BMW, Mercedes etc. He uses the same route and tries to have similar traffic conditions etc. Google his videos and check. I believe the Norwegian test and that Tesla...
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    Mansory Porsche Taycan Program Announced

    Up to their normal tasteless standard! Unbelievable that they survive.
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    E-tron GT officially tested at 328 miles (summer)!

    Norway is by no means a flat country. BUT the have quite low speed limits and the roads are normally not too congested. If they all run with regen on and keep at the speed limit (probably 80 kWh) it is fully possible. I guess also the temperature was such that no air con or heating was required...
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    Interesting video about the backend of KemPower chargers

    TeslaBjörn has launched a very interesting video about the backend of KemPower chargers. The amount of detail they have considered when designing their system is amazing. And to be able to provide so much information to the operator of the charging network is leading the way. This is something...
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    Preferred Charging Times Being Ignored?

    Sorry autocorrect!! New device.
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    Taycan with Performance Battery Scores High in Charging Test

    Interesting article. Will be nice to see the new Audi e-tron GT in the table as well. It is said to charge very consistent and fast.
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    Strange charge status

    You did not tell us how warm it was the day you drove it and then charged. How hot was the battery at that stage. And what was the temperature during the night when the car was standing? I think it is influenced by temperature/ I have seen similar behaviour with both my EVs in hot weather in...
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    Geofenced Charging Profiles

    There is not a way to connect the car to your WiFi network or any hotspot. There are threads about that on the forum if you do a search. Simms only possible to do in Russia for some unknown reason?
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    Preferred Charging Times Being Ignored?

    The precook/heat is actually conditioning the battery as well as the cabin. You will mostly see this in winter when the car is outside in cold weather. It makes quite a difference for the consumption as well as for regen and power available.
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    Automatic Software updates - Porsche needs to improve here.

    I think he is on his Tesla bashing trip as usual!
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    Use of Tesla superchargers

    Correct, Tesla use CCS2 in Europe from Model 3 and Y. And V3 chargers are fast and extremely reliable. Much better than most CCS2 chargers
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    Use of Tesla superchargers

    That is perhaps different here in Europe. It seems Porsche, Audi, VW and BMW? are setting up their own network in addition to Ionity. Audi just released their vision for some charging stations exclusive for Audi,owners with facilities and coffee etc. Porsche roll out HPC at Porsche centres as...
  19. Scandinavian

    Second thoughts – moving back to ICE

    I can fully agree with your dilemma. If you have the normal bendy twisty roads like I have experienced in Norway, you really feel the weight of the Taycan. It is a big lump to get around mountain roads. It accelerates like lightning out of the corners, but easy to overcook it’s a little on the...