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  1. What are the Must Have Options

    how much charging you need? My tesla model X pulls 7kw from 12am to6am from 33% to 78%. This is on level 2 nema 14-50.
  2. Thinking of upgrading the 4S to a Turbo or Turbo S

    Ive seen some in socal for 30k off of 220ish
  3. Track Your Dream is more like Make Me Scream

    Awesome! Mine just got scheduled finally. Eta 8/27. Checked out your spec and mine is similar but CT.(Pricewise) when does yours arrive?
  4. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Honestly though, is it as fun as they say? Im used to seeing a Tesla on every street where I am (San Diego) so a new look would be fun. Opted for 4S with some nice options and hope to keep me happy for some time!
  5. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Now you got me second guessing my Taycan. 😂 Ive never had a Porsche so first one is a CT, bought 3 Teslas before.
  6. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Great writeup! Ive gotten the Model S as loaners and they are quite bloated for no reason. Sure the new Plaid is fast and interior is all updated and new but I have a CT4S on order. Love the Model X performance on the other hand, will probably keep that for awhile. Thinking about getting rid of...
  7. Delivery delays

    Just entered scheduled for production for CT4S. Delivery eta still 8/27
  8. Delivery delayed - What are others seeing

    8/6 to 8/13 to 8/20 now 8/27!
  9. In my local dealership CT4s

    is that chalk?
  10. Delivery delayed - What are others seeing

    I own two Teslas, they're cool and I haven't had any major problems. I had the SD card for media control unit fail and replaced a few weeks ago, had to get towed and get a loaner. I'm getting a CT Taycan because I also want a Porsche (will be my first) but do not want to go back to ICE cars...
  11. Delivery delayed - What are others seeing

    Already own two Teslas, i want that Taycan!
  12. Does the new Apple Lossless Audio for Apple Music change your mind of getting Burmester?

    Let us know! Side are you liking the burmester? I spec'd it over the bose waiting for delivery.
  13. Second thoughts – moving back to ICE

    I hear you. We gave up our gas cars and currently have two Teslas. One actually crapped out and needed the media control unit SD card replaced last week, it was less than a year old. Spent a few hours to get it towed but I got it back now. I agree with her 100% on no going back to ICE, will be...
  14. Second thoughts – moving back to ICE

    Do you think a 4S wouldve been a better choice for you than the RWD? Its pricier but is quicker.
  15. Picked Up my Cross Turismo 4S

    Congratulations!! Cant wait for mine in august.. will be first Porsche. Enjoy it!!!
  16. What Colour Inlays

    I went for ves grey + ves grey CT wheels. Gloss black sounds nice but worried about the scuffing/scratches since its so low to the floor.
  17. Porsche Taycan Cross Alloy Wheel Poll

    My build is Chalk with 21 inch CT design wheels in vesuvius gray + inlays as well, think it shows off the look more than black which hides it.
  18. Taycan Cross Turismo 4-6 Week Delay due to Chip Shortages!!

    Mine has gone from 8/06 to 8/20, not much of a movement but yeah.
  19. Delivery delayed - What are others seeing

    oh cool, hopefully we can join a socal club/meet with the Taycans. Cant wait to get my Cross Turismo!