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  1. New software upgrade

    Thanks for the update! My replacement PCM is scheduled to arrive on 5/20, so I will expect a similar set of "new things" as yours. Enjoy the new stuff!
  2. New software upgrade

    Mine is car #3 in that lineup. But I do NOT have a passenger display. And yes, I heard the same that Porsche has temporarily stopped the software upgrades at this time.
  3. New software upgrade

    Well @TT459S, I'm joining you in the queue in Langley for a new PCM to come from Germany. 7-10 days to arrive, 1 day to install. My car's been in since Monday, and was informed today that the PCM was dead. Oh well, just have to wait it out. If you want to trade your Cayenne hybrid for my Macan S...
  4. New software upgrade

    I'm booked for the beginning of May. Apparently they're only doing 2 Taycan software upgrades a week in Langley. Let us know how it goes. I'm fully confident in Brian and his team. Quite a few white Taycans in South Surrey/Langley these days. Give me a wave if you see me in my Carmine Red with...
  5. What loaners does Porsche give you?

    99% of the time it's a Macan for me. I'm totally fine with that, as long as it gets me around while I'm in service and they do the work properly on my cars. Can't be too picky, or else my happiness level goes down way too much!
  6. Taycan Wheels: Mission E vs Exclusive Design vs Vossen EVO2 vs Vossen S21-01

    DIdn't know about the smaller PSCBs for MY2021. They are absolutely huge on 2020 cars and look amazing. In that case, I'll change my vote to photo 1! Take the standard brakes in red, and spend the money on the wheels.
  7. Taycan Wheels: Mission E vs Exclusive Design vs Vossen EVO2 vs Vossen S21-01

    In this colour combo, photo 1 or 3. I would prefer Mission E with paint to match outers, but I see you're going for a more muted aggressive look.
  8. CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Martin. For Porsche, if the name of the colour is the same, it's identical paint across models. So the same as the Cayman that you looked at. It's definitely alot brighter than many of the photos online, and alot brighter than the Cayman that you have pictured here. I love my Carmine, I have...
  9. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    I can check this when I get home, but @HCPro is the expert on this. I think most people are using a 50A circuit, which would in turn charge at 40A. 0-100% charge would take about 10 hours. Level 1 would be torture. @Wendal you'll be good friends with the Petro-Canada charging network and the...
  10. Wider tires on 21" Mission E wheels

    Interesting topic. I was initially going to say that the larger 28+" diameters may cause an issue compared to the stock 27.3". However, I just swapped from 21" all seasons to 20" winters (OEM wheels and tire specs) and the tire was noticeably larger and filled the wheel well more than my...
  11. Ready for winter

    Porsche tequipment winter wheels and tires. Ready for the colder weather!
  12. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    Ready for winter! Prepped and ceramic coated the wheels last night prior to mounting. Thanks to my team at Porsche Centre Vancouver (@HCPro) for getting me setup for the colder months. I'm very pleased with the look of these 20s on my car. Definitely need spacers with these wheels! I have...
  13. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    My charger also connected OK. Strange. My headlights are off during the day, only the array of 4 rectangles are on. At night, if I manually turn off the headlights, they will automatically come back on at the 20-25 km/h or so, as you have described. Probably a safety feature.
  14. 21 inch wheels on 4S

    @bosch88 - I do not have specific information about this setup, as I have Mission E wheels on my 4S with PSCB. However, I have changed wheels on all of my previous P-cars, OEM wheels and and aftermarket, original sizes and larger, without any issues or potential grief when in for service. A...
  15. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    As far as I know, the chargers out front are level 2 at both Vancouver and Langley.
  16. No more finger prints! - Idee Miller

    Measure the trapezoid dimensions, and pre-cut with an exacto-knife. The sides are straight. If you are in doubt of your measurements, cut a piece of paper first to test-fit, which you can then use to cut your film. However, the rear seat screen is NOT a straight-edge, as I found out the hard way!
  17. Adding a second user. Solved.

    OMG. Search is my friend. I've been trying to figure this out for a month!!!
  18. What are you paying for electricity per kWh?

    Provider: BC Hydro Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. CAD $0.14/kWh = US $0.104/kWh Unfortunately, no off-peak hours and rates are available yet.
  19. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    I think we would see much higher rates of charge when we are below 50%. I found that once the battery is above 50%, it throttles down to about 100kW.
  20. Canadian Taycans - general discussion.

    Same for me, Mission E wheels for the A/S, and I've ordered the 20" Porsche winter wheel set.