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  1. Fedex77

    PPF Or Ceramic For The TC

    I did XPEL PPF plus XPEL ceramic coating Car looks fantastic
  2. Fedex77

    Is it just me, or did your Taycan come with an unrequested, always-on tracking device called StarGard?

    When I bought my first car at around age 23, it was a used Infiniti G35 coupe. The dealer said I had to pay a fee to transfer the remaining factory warranty over to a new owner. He said he couldn't make the sale without charging the fee. I agreed because I wanted a warranty, and hey, I was 23. I...
  3. Fedex77

    MY2022 Turbos

    Porsche produces so many obscure low volume models that this is surprising. But, you never know
  4. Fedex77

    XPEL vs Ceramic, neither both?

    Don’t bother getting it through the dealer. They upcharge. Go straight to the detailed. Ceramic should be cheaper than XPEL
  5. Fedex77

    Proposed US tax credits on EVs

    Gotta love politicians pandering to unions.
  6. Fedex77

    Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM) is now much better than any other other app including ABRP and others.

    I was impressed with it as well. I expected the worse given the reviews here, but it did a good job adjusting my trip as needed based on range and driving style.
  7. Fedex77

    PPF regrets?

    Sacramento CA I was mistaken though, the ceramic product is XPEL on top of XPEL PPF
  8. Fedex77

    Front End Only vs Full Car PPF

    Ended up going full body plus XPEL ceramic on top.
  9. Fedex77

    Should I be worried? (12V battery question)

    Thanks all! I was just worried because the blue bar on the 12V system wasn’t at “full”
  10. Fedex77

    Day after purchasing Taycan 4S Electrical system error and bricked car in the middle of the highway.

    In NYC, several of the highways don’t have a shoulder to pull over. I remember I had a wheel blowout on the BQE and tow trucks are not authorized to get you, the police have to be involved (policy). The cop actually was super lame and asked me if I was stuck because I didn’t want to drive off...
  11. Fedex77

    Should I be worried? (12V battery question)

    So I can’t remember if the battery meter was full when I took delivery but the meter is now at 75%…is this an indication that the battery isn’t charging enough? (2021 Taycan 4S presumably with all the latest updates)
  12. Fedex77

    Curbed Mission E wheel

    $2600 is steep. I ended up shopping around and paid $1500
  13. Fedex77

    Porsche Dashcam Installed - Review and Overview for US Taycan Owners

    Thanks for the info! I was very interested in getting this until I saw the finished product. Looks large and intrusive and not OEM. Honestly I installed a front and rear dash cam in my 10 year old BMW in 1hour and it was a seamless install despite not being OEM.
  14. Fedex77

    PPF regrets?

    Thanks- that sealed my decision to get the full car PPF. It sounds like getting ceramic on top is up for debate. I'll talk to my installer to see if its really necessary.
  15. Fedex77

    PPF regrets?

    Anyone get PPF and totally regret it? I’m considering a total body XPEL PPF with Opticoat pro ceramic (got a quote for $8k, including XPEL ceramic window tint). Just wanted to know if anyone had issues with PPF later that made them wish they didn’t get it or waste their money
  16. Fedex77

    Tire / Wheel Warranty?

    Anyone have a tip on a good tire/wheel warranty? Or any dealers here that wanna sell me one? My dealership sells one through United Car Care but I can’t find the fine print to see if it’s worth the money. Open to any recommendations. PS I have the 21” painted mission E wheels with the...
  17. Fedex77

    Wrong interior

    Or just ask them what color the interior is?
  18. Fedex77

    PEC purchase questions

    Hello, My 2021 Taycan 4S is finally here - at port. It will be trucked down to LA for my PEC appointment at the end of May. The dealer is requesting I come in for final paperwork and purchasing sometime before the end of the month. My question: is this the normal process? Will I officially buy...
  19. Fedex77

    Base interior vs all leather

    I got the standard but would have gone RaceTex if it weren’t a $4k extra. Not sure how the material justifies the huge price addition.
  20. Fedex77

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    My car is also on the Glovis Companion. Can’t wait!