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  1. CT Delivery Pushed Back Again!!!

    Our 4s is due at the end of July. Last update from the dealer that everything was on track
  2. CT Delivery Pushed Back Again!!!

    When was yours due?
  3. What’s the classiest colour?

    We've got a mamba green CT 4S on order with red leather. Bring on the watermelon
  4. Taycan Cross Turismo 4-6 Week Delay due to Chip Shortages!!

    Not good! Is it a specific chip that's causing the issue? Ours was due for delivery at the end of July
  5. Has anyone seen/have beige interior on Mamba green Taycan?

    Yep. Full on watermelon spec. I've seen a few cars in that combination and I think it looks great
  6. Has anyone seen/have beige interior on Mamba green Taycan?

    I've ordered ours with the red interior
  7. First Porsche - Finance and spec help!

    Personal preference but having driven a 4s with the standard seats I dropped the 18 way and went with the standard ones. Standard brakes were very good so i'd probably drop the PCCB. Front seats are heated as standard so you could drop the heated front/rear DC charger I dropped (unless...
  8. First Porsche - Finance and spec help!

    I'll dig out the paperwork and find out out for you. Subjectively if the company can afford it and its the spec you want go for it
  9. First Porsche - Finance and spec help!

    I've ordered a CT 4S through our Ltd company Circa £102K, £10k deposit around £1.3k p/mth over 4 years for 8k miles p/yr Personal preference but id say yours was over spec'd?
  10. How can I get a CT4 in SF Bay Area?

    So did we!
  11. Are you going to or have you ordered a CT 4 or CT 4S?

    4s for me. A couple of reasons - the extra performance and also that the dealer had a 4s allocation available
  12. Taycan Cross Tourismo Wheels

    I've ordered ours as follows:
  13. MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    I've ordered our CT 4S in the same 'water melon' configuration. Looking forward to it
  14. Cross Turismo Delivery Dates

    Silverstone are telling me to expect ours on the 30th July (if not a week or so earlier)
  15. HELP me choose a color.

    Mamba green with a red interior on order for us:
  16. Mamba Green Metallic Interior

    We've got a Mamba Green car on order and have gone with the red interior:
  17. Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    All confirmed for a July delivery
  18. Ordered my first Porsche - Cross Turismo 4S in Mamba Green

    Hi All, Just ordered our first Porsche. CT 4S in mamba green We're hoping for delivery towards the end of July Current car (which is staying) is an XC90 T8 Polestar. Previous other cars; XC90 D5, Jag XF S sportbrake, TVR Chimaera. Looking forward to...