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  1. Taycan Rooftop Tent

    Thank you.
  2. Taycan Rooftop Tent

    I have seen this link posted before but this guy has a rooftop tent for his 911. I'm a taycan owner who should have bought a defender. Keen to discover if the 75kg weight limit on the roof racks really mean 75kg or whether the taycan roof rack could support a couple people with a roof tent...
  3. CHALK Taycan Club

    The dealership offered to paint them once it arrived.
  4. CHALK Taycan Club

    These are actually gloss black to go with the wheels. It looks pretty cool.
  5. CHALK Taycan Club

    It's awesome yeah. Dealer said they got a crayon a few days earlier for one of the managers but they messed up the spec and got the silver window surrounds etc.
  6. CHALK Taycan Club

    Here you go. It looks more awesome in person than the pictures. The pics in the dealership make it look whiteish but it's not. I love it. I think the family picking up the black Taycan next to me may have been slightly jealous of the colour haha.
  7. CHALK Taycan Club

    Panoramic. I liked the pano roof on my q5 previously.
  8. CHALK Taycan Club

    Turbo s. Will be worth the wait.
  9. CHALK Taycan Club

    Picking mine up tomorrow. Will post some pics then.
  10. The 4S is back after full colour coding and PPS!

    Hi @TAYC4N . Any chance you could PM me the details for auto forensics? Thanks!
  11. Latest Gift from Porsche

    I got one of these from one of the synter dealers. Bit pants. Would have been cool to get a tailored model based on your spec and colour you ordered.
  12. CHALK Taycan Club

    Mid nov also
  13. CHALK Taycan Club

    The jet black has metallic specks in it as far as I remember. Gloss black is more standard. Dealer recommended gloss black as if you scratch it, it's gonna be much easier fix. So I went gloss black.
  14. Ionity Bill UK

    Zapmap is your friend. Just filter for ccs chargers 100kw+. If you go to Wales and North Scotland you'll need to add 50kw chargers to the filter. As has been mentioned, Eon and ionity chargers work well. Instavolt also.
  15. Road Trip to Southampton

    I have an e-tron right now while I wait for the Taycan. Have done quite a few longer trips including London to Torridon and back. Given I have super cheap charging most of the time, paying a bit more on the road trips for convenience and fast charging I am fine with. E.on chargers are great...
  16. Road Trip to Southampton

    It's very easy if you are on the M6 (not the toll). Your route is a good shout.
  17. Road Trip to Southampton

    I found the EON chargers to be very useful and fast (150kw I think) at Preston and Birmingham.
  18. Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone

    Out of interest, what is the price of the taycan experience? Wouldn't mind having a go myself.
  19. 2021 Taycan New Colors Samples / Swatches

    I have ordered crayon this week for sep build. No delay. The only option I saw that would have delayed the order (by 30 days so I passed) was the offset coloured inners on the seats.
  20. All black Mission E 21’s

    Hi, is this gloss black or jet black metallic? Looks great.