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  1. tigerbalm

    Hello ladies?

    Porsche Mayfair looks great from the pictures I've seen of it. I've always been interested in car dealers that are "on the street" like retail shops rather than in industrial areas. Looking forward to paying a visit once the Common Travel Area between UK & Ireland is restored.
  2. tigerbalm

    Dash cams

    I ended up ordering that part and it was the perfect fit. Here it is in my new 4K camera install:
  3. tigerbalm

    Dash cams

    So of course I ended up ordering the 4K version. Not really tried it out much yet to compare the video quality difference. Here is a screen grab from the 4K camera.
  4. tigerbalm

    Taycan Welcome Kit

    Mine looks, feels and weights the same as coal. I assume the idea is that eventually it will end up in the ground, get compressed and will turn into a future diamond.
  5. tigerbalm

    Taycan Welcome Kit

    For my Panamera I got sent a lump of coal as a gift but nothing for my Taycan.
  6. tigerbalm

    Taycan Welcome Kit

    The pen would be perfect for the holder in the glove box. Want!
  7. tigerbalm

    Traction control error, park vehicle safely...

    They really need to get a handle on this issue. Is there an EU agency this can be reported to ?
  8. tigerbalm

    Hidden usb type c underneath the middle seat

    They are charge only usb-c – as in, they don't connect to the infotainment system, unlike the ones under the centre console.
  9. tigerbalm

    Passenger Side Mirror goes up on R.

    I think its because we expect the software to be wonky - that we’re actually surprised when its acting as its designed! Doesn’t help that many of us didn’t get a printed manual to consult with our cars.
  10. tigerbalm

    Passenger Side Mirror goes up on R.

    This function is described in the Good To Know app.
  11. tigerbalm

    Warning Light on Turbo S

    Make sure your cameras – the one in the windscreen and the one near your number plate (if u have it) and radar unit (again if you have one) are clean and free from dust. That was the advice given to me by my Porsche Centre when I had this issue on a previous Panamera.
  12. tigerbalm

    What's the secret to locking the car using a finger swipe on door handle?

    Here are my "rules": Make sure key is in my pocket. Make sure its in a different pocket to my iPhone. If key and phone are too close – it won't work. Just push on the "dimple", not swipe.
  13. tigerbalm

    Best PTS color options for Taycan

    I always liked Graphite Blue on the 911 – but it wasn't a popular colour. I think I might like an "Irish Green" seeing as its where I'm from. However, sometimes colours that work really well on the 911 don't work so well on the four-door cars.
  14. tigerbalm

    Thinking of upgrading the 4S to a Turbo or Turbo S

    Thanks @grahamtparker1979 for the offer – very kind – and appreciated. Will defo take you up on the offer when I get closer to making a decision. In return – if your car doesn't have the toys like night vision, auto-park, etc, happy to show them in my car. One question, does your Turbo S have...
  15. tigerbalm

    I feel like crying! I do think its worse when its not your own fault.
  16. tigerbalm

    European trips and use of high speed chargers

    I regularly hit 260 kW on Ionity here in Ireland if state-of-charge is low enough. So you are likely getting that rate!
  17. tigerbalm

    Nobody talking about the revised 2022 configurator?

    Colour to sample is really "choose from a long list of approved colours". Custom colour is "bring your own colour and we'll investigate if we can do it. If we can you pay the colour to sample price in addition".
  18. tigerbalm

    Wheels and Calipers

    My PSCB's squeal when under heavy load – which is rare enough in an EV and for the first push of the breaks when you start the car and regen isn't used until the pads warm up a bit.
  19. tigerbalm

    Function on Demand - Not Working?

    Factory is a menu option (buried somewhere!). But defo something an owner can do. You'll need to login again with your Porsche ID when its completed.
  20. tigerbalm

    PCM 6.0 Announcement - Coming to the Taycan soon?

    This is what Porsche says about PCM 6.0 and Taycan: