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  1. HK111

    MY2022 wish list

    A simple "preheat battery now" button...
  2. HK111

    Our new Taycan RWD

    Very good picture, very good choice of car :-).
  3. HK111

    Help with RWD Spec build - options cost double in Hong Kong

    Hello Pedro, greetings to Hong Kong, I was there just before CoVID. Others made good recommendations regarding your options list, but I'll chime in so you can make better statistics :-). White: Looks very good. Plus Hong Kong is hot, so better a lighter colour, IMHO. Bose: Yes, much better...
  4. HK111

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    The electric car in front of an electric wall - thin-film coloured photovoltaic panels whose colour depends on the viewing angle.
  5. HK111

    BMW i8

    I tried the i8 as I really liked the design and wanted to like the car. I took it to the Autobahn to 250, but I could not get over the impression/fact that "it has no engine". They should have put a large engine and large wheels on the thing, and it would have sold many more units, I think...
  6. HK111

    My 2021 Taycan 4S Performance Battery w/ Khaki Green Wrap and ceramic coating

    I have to say I don't like it - sorry about that. I'd go back to white or switch to red to match the red leather. Just my $0.02.
  7. HK111

    Moving from a 911 to a Taycan?

    My brother had a 911 convertible, two Benz SLs, and I have a Corvette C7. The T4S beats them all. I was wondering if I should miss the V8's sound, but so far, didn't. I'll retest this summer :-).
  8. HK111

    Taxes in Turkey went from %15 to %60

    Emre, those are bad news indeed! If you ever come to Munich, let me know, and we take the T4S here for a spin :-)!
  9. HK111

    Deeply disappointed with 4S -- 12V battery issue and "Electrical System Error"

    My T4S was bricked twice in now 11.5 months, which made me very angry. However, I have to admit that, as soon as it drives again, the anger disappears quickly ;-).
  10. HK111

    Base Taycan...will it feel slow?

    Good question. In my opinion, I'd stick with the T4S if you are into fast / accellerando driving at all. I have become accustomed to the 4S by now, and if anything, would want the Turbo, but certainly not have less power. Cheers, Henrik
  11. HK111

    Official: Base Taycan (RWD) Unveiled. Pricing starts in U.S. at $79,900

    That really is a tough call, as there are several conflicting trends. The base version is ~100kgs lighter, which means less energy consumption. Also it is 2WD, so less friction in the frontal wheels, they just rotate, but don't rotate a driveshaft / transmission to the motor. On the other...
  12. HK111

    I took my Huracan out after 2 months....I missed the Taycan

    My Corvette C7 has been in the extra garage now for a long time. Probably the car battery is dead by now. I was there today for other reasons, and I didn't even bother to check the C7's state... EVs/the Taycan are from a different planet. And ten years down the road, they will have batteries...
  13. HK111

    New year, new car - got my Taycan 4s today

    Bravo, bravo, bravo and good speed!
  14. HK111

    Total Average Range based on Porsche Connect Data

    I have similar data as Roberto has, in my case, for a 4S. 5,282 km (no data from the ~4,000 km I drove before) 31 km / h average 23.1 kWh / 100 km 37.2 kWh / 100 miles Mostly driven on 20" aero wheels
  15. HK111

    Just saying hi.. about to become a Turbo owner

    I think you did incredibly well. A fast decision, and a very good one!
  16. HK111

    Taycan 4S+ Cold weather experiences

    I also looked at the central display and the song name and searched for it on Spotify :-)
  17. HK111

    Other Hobbies

    Car plus plane = not enough control :-). Unfortunately, very true. Very.
  18. HK111

    Other Hobbies

    Too many that I only remember but don't do... in a year like 2020, getting the business through Covid and keeping the family happy dominated everything. But I like to tinker with these jets. They are not expensive and allow endless ways of setting them up differently, tuning them or trying new...