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  1. New software upgrade

    No issues with the upgrade. It took 1.5 days to complete.
  2. WMA5/6/7 Improvements.

    - Ability to Sort in the menu Media choices. Ie I can put CarPlay as the first selection on the top bar - Ability to disable the sport chron clock - News feature on the PCM works - Recommendation window on the PCM screen
  3. New software upgrade

    No, I am not able to remote lock / unlock with the app. In addition to smartlift/ wireless CarPlay the PCM appears to be faster and there are minor enhancements such as Ambient lighting changing to the music and stopping the clock function for sport chrono.
  4. New software upgrade

    I picked up my car yesterday. Process took a little longer than expected (half a day longer) overall very smooth. Wireless Carplay is the best feature addition so far.
  5. New software upgrade

    I am in Ontario and have booked the car for tomorrow to receive the upgrade.
  6. Taycan 4S Performance Battery - My Real World Range Test Update #1 [wind speed effect on range]

    Really appreciate the post. A couple of questions 1) What is the software that you are using to track all of this. I currently using Tronity, which I find lacking in detail and 2) On cold days cabin temperature impacts the range, what was yours set at. ?
  7. 4S Range is never more than 170 miles on a full charge.

    I live in Toronto. Dec average has been ~350 km in range. I have observed that with colder weather and short trips to the grocery store etc the range drops quite a bit. Warm weather and highway trips improve the range.