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  1. JacobDK

    Can you fit 2 large check in luggage bags in the trunk?

    With seats up - no. Maybe 1 - opening is quite narrow and bootlid intrudes a lot due to the active rearspoiler. bose makes no difference in this regard go with soft bags ;)
  2. JacobDK


    Yep - it’s really a good looking combo ;)
  3. JacobDK

    Taycan Range

    EPA range can even be bettered in winter conditions ;)
  4. JacobDK

    Mission-E wheels fit Taycan 4S with the standard brakes?

    And you are on GoodYears - they are not as prone to it as Pirelli P-Zero
  5. JacobDK

    Ionity Charging

    But when you do encounter an Ionity charger ⚡️⚡️⚡️
  6. JacobDK

    Some first impressions

    Couldn’t agree more with your findings though I do prefer the Taycan not the CT
  7. JacobDK


    Another angle of the steel roof taken prior to delivery ;)
  8. JacobDK


    I have the steel roof and prefer both looks and the saving ;) the pano roof is very tintet so its “only” for rear passengers and the pano roof comes with roof rail ability something you must do without with the steel roof.
  9. JacobDK

    Let’s talk brakes on a 4S....standard red or PSCB...

    Hi Robert My PSCB MY2021 with the 6 piston caliper are also starting to become mirrorlike up front - but only/mostly on a part of the disc closest to the center of the rotors. Your Akebono 10 piston caliper are in a layout where the should apply pressure more evenly to the rotor than the Brembo...
  10. JacobDK

    Range of Interest Rates for a Taycan 4S

    Well here in Denmark I did finance it through my bank - loan is about 2/3 of the purchase price. My rate is 0 (zero) % and over 60 months. I did cost about 1200 USD to setup the loan (registration of security for the loan in the car)
  11. JacobDK

    Sound (db) reduction from Acoustic Laminated Glass Windshield?

    cool - I haven’t tried to connect via USB C - I’ll give it a go sometime ;)
  12. JacobDK

    Sound (db) reduction from Acoustic Laminated Glass Windshield?

    I’m not aware that there is a cell (phone) antenna connection in the car - the wireless charger just charges as I’m informed. Not using Carplay though. It’s by far the car i’ve been in with the most problems in regards to keeping a good connection. A lot of people that I’ve phoned from the car...
  13. JacobDK

    Sound (db) reduction from Acoustic Laminated Glass Windshield?

    Pfff - my BMW E39 5 series had the Doppelverglasung option, they were 7mm thick. They were so heavy that it took almost 5 minutes for the windows to wind up :) Anyway have the insulated glass in the Taycan to and it's really quite - but cell reception is affected a bit..
  14. JacobDK

    Advice on options

    Hi Carsten I think the upgraded battery is a must have since its power will be underwhelming for at Porsche - just my opinion. Sport plus is really a good option and for more than just the steering wheel! I haven't tried the car without active air suspension, but it's one of the (standard on...
  15. JacobDK

    Track days

    Here (Denmark) we have just had confirmation that a 400 kW charger is being setup at one of our (few) racetracks. I guess it’s coming to all tracks at some time soon.
  16. JacobDK

    Arghhhh! Accidentally forgot to black out window surrounds...

    It was my original spec and I like the chrome look as it makes the Taycan resemble a panamera - but since I aspired for the 911 look I deselected the pano roof and went with the black ones with Dolomite ;) here are some pictures I took at Porsche Copenhagen
  17. JacobDK

    Rear Axle Steering

    I don’t have it, don’t miss it. The cars balance and handling is superb (even) with out it, just had some fun in the snow Yesterday and the on limit balance is really ace. I drive and park in the city (Copenhagen) everyday, and find the turning radius is actually really good. However if you’re...