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  1. Help troubleshooting Tesla Tap Mini

    Please say more. I'm confused how it can be a wiring issue in the house if the TWC charges the Model 3 P at the 50 am setting with no problem?
  2. Help troubleshooting Tesla Tap Mini

    I have a 2021 4s with PP battery. I have a Tesla Gen 3 wall charger and a 60 amp Tesla Tap Mini wired to a 50 amp circuit. When I charge the car with the TWC set at 50 amp (40 amp delivered) it will charge for a while, but then I routinely get a charging error and red lights on the TWC. The...
  3. Taycan lease numbers

    When I considered leasing our 2021 4S by my calculations the residual value of the car would need to be less than 40% after three years to make leasing a better deal financially than buying/financing. And that math was based on a 7% discount on MSRP and the buy rate for the MF of 0.002, not the...
  4. Recuperation Modes

    Since Range mode defaults to recuperation off, that seems like a pretty good indicator that Porsche thinks that is the most efficient mode.
  5. Discount on custom build

    I negotiated 7% discount on a custom 4S ordered in January and delivered in April. I spoke to my salesman a couple of weeks ago. They had almost no new inventory of ANY Porsche model. He said there were no discounts now. Supply and demand.
  6. Recall update refused!

    I know everyone, including myself, is eager to get the new update (I have not had the loss of power issue but only have 1000 miles on my 4S to date). I have had a Tesla Model 3 Performance for about 15 months. While there are frequent OTA updates (many of which have minimal information on what...
  7. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    As an update. After I lowered the Tesla Wall Charger to 40 amps in the settings menu (still physically connected to a 50 amp circuit) the Taycan charged fine, albeit at a slower rate. Any experts out there with a theory of why I am getting errors at 50 amp setting? The slower charging will be...
  8. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    I contracted the people at Tesla Tap Mini. They say “there is there is circuit or anything in the Mini that can sign an overcurrent situation, this is done completely in the HPWC.” They recommended I reduce the Tesla wall charger to 40 amps and try that. I did and the car is currently...
  9. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    OP here. I’m still encountering a charging error when I use my Tesla Gen 3 wall charger with a Tesla Tap mini. The car starts charging and provides an estimated time for completion of charge, but at some point after that the error occurs and a red flashing light appears on the Wall Charger...
  10. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    Today I took the 4S to an EA 350 charger in Reston VA (beside their corporate HQ). The plug and charge seemed to work, though the connection took a couple of minutes to start the charge. The screen noted I was part of the Taycan charging program, so I don't think it was simply a "free charge"...
  11. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    The wall charger is set to deliver 40 amps and that is confirmed on restart when four green light illuminate on front panel (5 lights would indicate 48 amps, the max for the generation 3 charger). So far no solution from Tesla Tap. They suggested resetting wall charger, but I have done that already.
  12. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    A follow up on my original post. The technician at the dealership checked for errors in the Taycan related to the charging error. He said it appeared the error was related to the charger, not the car. He did not find any faults in the car. He tested the car charging on the dealership AC...
  13. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    You video is exactly what my car was doing.
  14. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    OP here. There may be an element of user error here. When the tow driver arrived, he assumed it was the 12 volt battery issue. When I described the problem, he sat in the car and confirmed the screens had power, but would not boot. Then he did something I had neglected to do, he pushed the...
  15. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    Called for tow service. I was afraid of this scenario before ordering based on reports on this forum..........Two week old car with less than 300 miles.
  16. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    Sorry, some additional information on this case. The Tesla wall charger was flashing 7 red lights. Per the manual this means “Vehicle Overcurrent Detected” with the following description: Reduce the vehicle's charge current setting. If the issue persists and the attached vehicle is...
  17. Charging error and now PCM will not boot up

    Looking for suggestions for following situation. 2021 4S in service for two weeks. I use a Tesla generation 3 wall charger and a Tesla Tap Mini for home charging. I have used it several times before without a problem. Last night I plugged in car on the passenger port at about 57% SOC. There...
  18. Sirius XM 360 not working?

    This worked for me. I hope it “sticks”. Thanks.
  19. I know it's complicated software but my irritations with the PCM/connect continues to grow

    I received my 2021 4S on Thursday. I love the car, but it seems not to be remembering settings. I have the key with me when I am making the changes and the car has connectivity, at least for my phone and the LTE symbol on the PCM is on. Suggestions?
  20. Ice Grey 4S Ready for Delivery - How to Confirm it has Received Latest Software Update

    Car arrived at dealer this morning and they are trying to push it out today for end of month/quarter targets. Salesman says car is updated, but I’m not sure he understands what I am asking. If I go to drive the car today, how can I ensure update has been applied before I take delivery? I’m in...