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  1. FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    Who said it has anything to do with my masculinity? I am not a tar heels fan, and don't like light blue.
  2. Discounts on in-stock 2020 4S

    Back when COVID was hot (note, some people think we're there again), many dealers were offering 5-10% off. I'd start with 10% off, but for that money, you'd better love it. I'd rather build it.
  3. do I really need Sport Chrono?

    If you didn't order it, then you shouldn't have sport plus mode, only sport mode.
  4. Just ordered 19.2 kW AC On-Board Charger.

    What do you mean "no additional cost," and the dealer said they'd take care of everything?
  5. Porsche Connect Manual [PDF] For Taycan

    Thanks, I have the car and haven't seen this either. Unfortunately, it's almost as worthless as the app!
  6. Nicer than I ever dreamed...

    Nice choice. I did the same thing without the wood. Wait until you drive it.
  7. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Luke, I'm wondering if you can tell me whether MY 2021 is coming with the colors and features Asia is getting? The page Porsche NA website shows the same stuff avoidable for the 2020, but I understand needed on your post that you've already taken 2021 orders. I'm a bit confused.
  8. Chrono Required for Launch Control on 4S?

    I personally think it's an awful distraction from an otherwise beautiful dash.
  9. Taycan Crap Nav

    Not to be dense, but did you order the Intelligent Range Manager?
  10. Pricing vs MSRP in US

    I did this during the pandemic and negotiated for my dealer to pick up the taxes, which are not insignificant. It seems now, however, dealers have less inventory (of every brand). So, there may not be as much interest unless they really have multiple in stock (and many said they did, but did...
  11. Basic spec 4S - What options are a must have?

    I didn't get it, and don't regret it. The side of the car looks better without the electric feature, which requires space for the door. Have I left the door open on occasion? Sure, but infrequently. It's the same thing as closing a gas tank cover.
  12. ‘PORSCHE’ Logo LED Door Courtesy Lights

    I got it, and it's not as large or impressive as the same thing on my wife's Audi Q7. I might skip it if I did it over.
  13. Isn't it supposed to be "Hey Porsche"?

    It did the same to me. I turned it off, and now just use the button on the left of the steering wheel, which is faster anyway.
  14. do I really need Sport Chrono?

    I would get everything in the Performance Package but that ugly clock (if I had to do it all over again). I did not get the Performance Package.
  15. Taycan roadtrip for newbie EV owner was a bust

    I'm only given the choice of either credit cards or loyalty cards, none of which have an Evgo option, for example (or an RFID option).
  16. Taycan roadtrip for newbie EV owner was a bust

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm on Android. Will see if Google Pay does the same (as Samsung does not). Sigh. I may have to get an iPhone after all. Ugh.
  17. Charging Your Taycan Demonstration Using Porsche Connect App

    I think you have to skip the CA app and download the Charging NA app by Porsche. I use this to connect without issue (at least from an app perspective), at Charge America sites. I have an Android phone, but assume it's on iOS as well.
  18. Liquid on the ground when fast charging?

    So I am new to all of this, and have taken the Taycan to a 350kw station several times. It goes very quickly, and it's between my home and closer to my second home, so it makes a goo end of trip/beginning of trip stop. In any case, the past couple of times I've had it charging, I've noticed...
  19. A Report: Taycan charging w/ Tesla Wall Charger [GEN2] - Load Sharing configuration

    Dumb question - given the car comes with a charger, why buy a 3rd party charger for home? If I'm on the road, I'm likely to use a commercial one anyway.