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  1. Kryptos

    What’s the classiest colour?

    Chalk/Crayon. Understated, but unique enough that it stands out and this car just looks fantastic in it. My wife hasn't liked a single one of my prior car colors, but loves this.
  2. Kryptos

    Sports Chrono No Clock in 4S

    Yes, standard is white numbers/hand on black dial
  3. Kryptos

    PTV (Porsche Torque Vectoring) - a must have?

    I haven't driven a Taycan w/ and w/o PTV+ to directly compare that in an isolated fashion, so can't answer your question directly. I did do a very long test drive in a 4S w/o any performance options or Sport Chrono/Sport+. My 4S has Performance Pack (PTV, PDCC, RAS, Chrono) and it feels very...
  4. Kryptos

    Sport Sound Volume

    I think I know the answer to this but in case I missed it; is their a dash icon that shows status of Sport Sound? I mapped the Sound toggle to the free/diamond steering wheel button, but I sometimes lose track and with music playing (loudly), I often can't tell for sure if it's actually on or...
  5. Kryptos

    PCM status “red” on Porsche Connect App...unable to remote start climate

    Super. Any tips on reconnecting, or is that as random as losing the connection is? Thnx
  6. Kryptos

    PCM status “red” on Porsche Connect App...unable to remote start climate

    Did you ever get a solution here? Having the same exact problem. First couple of days with the car the Connect app worked fine but for last three I can’t get the vehicle to connect to the Porsche server. 90 mins on the phone with five different people at Porsche customer service was maddeningly...
  7. Kryptos

    The ship delivering my Taycan is aesthetically unappealing and has a sissy-sounding name.

    festus, take solace in the fact that your boat looks far better than the Golden Ray does in this pic. Mine sat in processing at the dock in RI for a week. Software was already updated when it arrived at the dealer (I...
  8. Kryptos

    CHALK Taycan Club

    Five days in and couldn't be happier with the color. Especially combo with bordeaux interior
  9. Kryptos

    Charging for a newbie

    As a new owner trying to sort through the charging profile issue, this is very helpful. One clarifying question though: in the scenario above, if you set a target charge level of 85% and a 7am departure time; if you don't check the car until 8am or later, will it have stopped at 85%? The...
  10. Kryptos

    Home Chargers - ClipperCreek or ChargePoint?

    Sorry for the naive question, but for something like the HCS-60, if you plan to charge overnight, is there a way to have it automatically stop charging at the recommended 80%, or do you need to manually stop it at the desired charge? Thanks
  11. Kryptos

    2021 Taycan software update experience

    I just spoke to my dealer (outside of Boston) as my 4S has been sitting at the port for a week. I asked about the update and he thought the car should have been updated at the factory (production completed on 3/15). He said he would check when it arrives though if it doesn’t have it, he...
  12. Kryptos

    TYD down?

    Good thinking. Original URL does bring it back up. Still in Port Processing, but comforting to know it hasn't disappeared off the face of the earth. Thanks!
  13. Kryptos

    TYD down?

    After the weeks of waiting, today was the target date for my 4S to clear port processing and arrive at the dealer. When I checked this morning though, the car was completely gone from the My Porsche page and TYD wasn't even an option. I called the dealer who said they believe the car is still...
  14. Kryptos

    Model 3 vs. Taycan Turbo S Track Race

    A single race with heavily modded cars and drivers of unknown talent disparities where Teslas outnumbered Taycans 5:1 means you can conclude exactly zero from this. AlphaTauri won a Grand Prix last year, but no one on earth would claim that they have the fastest car (even that day) in Formula...
  15. Kryptos

    Tequipment - Indoor Car Cover

    Found the Indoor Car Cover for the 4S on the Tequipment site, though there's only an option to add to Wish List and not to actually purchase. Apologies if I'm missing something obvious, but anyone know if this simply means it's not (yet?) available, or do you need to purchase directly through...
  16. Kryptos

    Mercedes Benz EQS vs Tayacn

    Beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder and generally I'm a fan of MB interiors, but that looks to me like the interior of a car from a bad 70's sci fi movie.
  17. Kryptos

    Production delay

    Went into production, went almost a week past projected completion date and then completion date jumped back a month.
  18. Kryptos

    I did it!

    Congrats. Great looking build. Went Chalk/Crayon on my 4S and am very jealous those wheels weren't an option.
  19. Kryptos

    Production delay

    I put in my 4S order a few weeks ago and it went into production on 2/25. Initially had a target production completion date of 3/4 (last week) and an estimated delivery in April. As of this morning it now shows production completion target of 4/2 and they tacked on 30 days to delivery...