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  1. jimithing

    Tesla admits FSD is a pipe dream

    I love driving my Taycan. I'd also love a fully autonomous EQS where I could nap in the back seat on my way to & from work. 🤷‍♂️
  2. jimithing

    Stupid stupid stupid electrical system fault

    Many Porsche dealers in the US do this. Years of big Cayenne sales in the US helped them expand their footprint to better handle the volume from the Macan & Taycan. UK service seems pretty bad from the stories I've read on here.
  3. jimithing

    Top to Bottom Review of the 2021 Taycan 4S (After 6 months ownership)

    FYI you can have Regen auto built into your individual mode. I prefer this mode after trying all three at various times over the four months I've had my Taycan.
  4. jimithing

    Not enough info about Race-Tex - and I need to lock my order

    My dealer had a stunning Frozen Blue/Blue Race-Tex Turbo S when I picked my car up. It's certainly an attention-grabber. The Race-Tex is nearly identical to Alcantara. I went Silver w/red &black interior because I like the dash stitching of full leather. Also I don't think you can get ventilated...
  5. jimithing

    Silencing the Trunk Beeper

    I unplugged the speaker myself over the weekend. A little tricky to make sure you don't lose any clips/introduce any rattles but the silence is wonderful!
  6. jimithing

    Received an Interesting Call from Electrify America

    I also have the 19.2kW option and have experienced the "error starting charge" experience, followed by 30 mins on hold with EA before giving up. I've only had one instance where unplugging/re-plugging or switching to another charger didn't resolve it. I'd be pissed if it happened often. If it...
  7. jimithing

    Model S Fire

    Depends It is erroneous to assume that. There's IIHS data on fires. Teslas burn at much higher rates than other similar-age cars. IIHS keeps data on this in the US. Gas cars primarily catch on fire in wrecks or due to fuel leaks while running (looking at you, Ferrari). They don't just...
  8. jimithing

    Air conditioning and panorama roof!

    Interesting. My kids love it but as a guy who used to always keep the sunshade open whenever they aren't in the car, I hate it. Half the time I have to wear a hat because the sun comes in over my sunglasses. This is a smart idea.
  9. jimithing

    Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    You'll be fine - I get 275 on my Turbo with the 21" Mission E wheels, which are the worst wheels for range, and the powered charge port, which hurts range because they close up the side vent. That's in normal mode with non-eco AC, driving 75-80mph. You should get 280-290 miles.
  10. jimithing

    Horrible cell phone reception in Taycan - any solutions?

    Same issue with EZPass although I did improve it by putting it vertically in the special zone next to the mirror. My area is changing to pay by plate anyway so I simply ignore the misses. They figure it out.
  11. jimithing

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    People love to go crazy over the things they wish were different but when you ask them to take a step back & evaluate the experience in total, most are still extremely happy. My car likes to puke on ParkAssist about once a week for absolutely no reason. I learned the two finger salute to reboot...
  12. jimithing

    Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Unplugged Performance's business is 100% dependent on Tesla so it's a distinction without a difference. I'm familiar with Randy since long before he did anything with Tesla. I'm not knocking Randy; it's just the reality of the business situation.
  13. jimithing

    Driver Control Required message

    This is correct. I have LKA turned off because it freaks out at fan-outs before tollbooths, which I go through every day. I've never gotten this message when Innodrive was off. I have it set with LKA off & Active Lane Keep on so it will still steer on Innodrive.
  14. jimithing

    Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Randy is a good guy but he's a factory driver for Tesla at this point. Elon doesn't tolerate ANY criticism so as long as Elon's checks are clearing, you won't hear anything negative from Randy.
  15. jimithing

    Range mode + Recuperation?

    I learned to love auto. I find I have to use the brake pedal far less often in traffic but it doesn't lurch slower, which I feel when it's set to "on." It simulates how you'd coast or downshift with a manual if the car in front slows. Just don't overthink it.
  16. jimithing

    Using wired apple car play instead of wireless

    In my Macan there was a setting in the Bluetooth menu that dealt with this. Setting it to phone only instead of phone + audio disabled playing music via Bluetooth so it didn't fight with the wired connection. Haven't looked on the Taycan yet - primarily using wireless CarPlay and it takes...
  17. jimithing

    What color with gold wheels

    Black. Check this out:
  18. jimithing

    MY2022 Turbos

    They're all being made in Zuffenhausen. I suspect this just means that they don't produce all variants at all times. With the introduction of the base model and the Cross Turismo, it's not surprising that they won't go to MY22 Turbos for quite a while. It's been barely six months since the last...
  19. jimithing

    [US] - Over the Top - the well equipped EV home garage…for those that wish to "over do it"…

    Yikes. FWIW my Taycan with 19.2kW option (which I now believe was a total waste of money) goes over 40A with the PMCC. Only 41-42A but enough that if the wire gauge and breaker were only sized for 40A, it would be a problem and I'd have to turn it down. Re: the 19.2kW, I'm throwing good money...