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  1. andrewh3

    Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    I should also have mentioned the cost and availability differences between the two cars as well. In Australia, Panamera 4 Hybrid optioned to a similar level my my Taycan 4S would be about A$100,000 more (say US$70,000). Also, Panamera now very much a niche model, so no dealer has a demo (at...
  2. andrewh3

    Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    I had a Panamera (2015MY 221kW, Diesel, 0-100KM 5.9, PASM, Sport Chrono, PS+) and now have a Taycan 4S. Size wise, number of doors, badge - exactly the same , but that is about it! The Panamera was best on long motorway/freeway drives and was good if you have a lot of luggage. Could be very...
  3. andrewh3

    Regret Standard Interior?

    I agree, delete (rear) seat heating. Personally not a fan of neodyme. I use ACC a lot and I think it gives you additional future options, so I would keep. I always regretted standard leather in my Panamera (have full in my Taycan which I really like) but if you are not having two-tone leather...
  4. andrewh3

    Certifiably Insane YOLO Turbo S Configuration - Ordered This Week

    Great spec! Do you think the carbon wheels look a little grey? May just be the configurator? Wonder about same wheels in gloss black? Also have carbon wheels difficult to repair if damaged.
  5. andrewh3

    Nail in tyre - will it be covered by wheel and alloy protection?

    I had pretty much the same issue. Tyre was repaired and costs refunded. Cannot see repair.
  6. andrewh3

    Had my wheels redone to match the car color (Gentian Blue).

    Makes such a difference. Great idea.
  7. andrewh3

    Need Options Advice - Questions on Options before Freeze Approaching Soon

    RWD still not available in Australia so I have not driven it. I had a Macan S for 3 weeks before I had the Taycan 4S and I would say in the real world 4S faster under 100 kmh but pretty similar above that. I am not sure about your parking situation but I would opt for maximum help and folding...
  8. andrewh3

    Black/Limestone Beige Standard vs. Full leather?

    Had never thought about that. It was also fabric in my previous cars with "full leather", so that would make sense.
  9. andrewh3

    Black/Limestone Beige Standard vs. Full leather?

    I had standard leather in my previous Panamera and always regretted it (was a showroom floor purchase). In the Taycan it is not just the number of surfaces that are not leather, but also the quality of the leather used that varies between standard leather, full leather and Olea. The full leather...
  10. andrewh3

    What ride height do people use in day to day driving?

    In Sydney roads are pretty poor, so I leave it in Normal and use the lift function for speed bumps, large potholes, driveways, etc. Even with lift function activated I scrape the front spoiler at certain junctions and on one regular car park entry.
  11. andrewh3

    Need help dolomite with chalk combo

    I think either would look good but there is quite a difference between what is in the lighter colour between the two options. I have the Crayon and I think it strikes the right balance between practicality and lighter interior - the door panels are dark so no scuff marks, for example. With the...
  12. andrewh3

    Thoughts on this configuration?

    I agree LCA would be useful safety feature - it is pretty conservative, though, so in reality I would often change when one or two orange bars showing
  13. andrewh3

    Thoughts on this configuration?

    This is the link to the wheels modification: Cheap mod for Aero S wheels Thread starterJohnnyCage Start dateJun 19, 2021 Also, if you keep these wheel in grey, then I think Taycan 4s badge at back in grey is fine. If you go with the black paint on these wheels, I think you needs the window...
  14. andrewh3

    Thoughts on this configuration?

    Innodrive not available in Australia, so cannot comment, but ACC is and really useful for longer drives or if you are just tired and driving home after a long day. ALK not so fussed but in our market is standard on the 4S as are 14 way seats. I would agree with others and go for the painted...
  15. andrewh3

    Should I turn down new 4S 73kw battery ?

    I like the spec and the smaller battery, if not an issue for you as a "daily driver", would not worry me so much now that I have had my car for a few months. Some have indicated that the smaller battery car has some advantages in terms of handling with the lighter weight. Range limitation is...
  16. andrewh3

    Windshield rock hit; star

    Interesting - no local suppliers of this product in Australia. The have the film for paint, but not for the windscreen.
  17. andrewh3

    Windshield rock hit; star

    I was think about taking my car on a long, multi-day drive in the country. As the 4S was only a few weeks old and charging very limited at the sites we were visiting, I ended up taking my wife's XC70. Glad I did as roads were terrible and picked up two chips with stars on the windscreen. Was...
  18. andrewh3

    2022 Turbo S - Voodoo Blue build question

    I agree re: leather. I still think I would go for black brake calipers.
  19. andrewh3

    Black Cross Turismo 4S collected

    I agree with your wheel choice of the 20" options - comfort, looks and should be easy to clean!