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  1. BayAreaKen

    Birthday Taycan Mini Road Rally - A Photo Diary

    No, but we put the full route (with many stopovers to ensure we made the turns where we wanted) into the NAV. Mine said I would end with 55% SoC. And I did. Amazing accuracy.
  2. BayAreaKen

    Birthday Taycan Mini Road Rally - A Photo Diary

    I have clear bra on the front and sides, but not the rear.
  3. BayAreaKen

    Birthday Taycan Mini Road Rally - A Photo Diary

    30th?! Ahhahhahhahahaha, haha, ha, ehem. Sure. That’s what I’ll turn next year! LOL
  4. BayAreaKen

    Birthday Taycan Mini Road Rally - A Photo Diary

    Last Sunday (August 15) was my birthday. About a week before, my wife asked me what I wanted to do for my special day. I looked nervously at the ground and considered my words. No matter how I couched this, it wasn't going to be easy for her to hear. "I'd like to drive my car in the manner for...
  5. BayAreaKen

    Porsche recalls 43K Taycan and Cross Turismo due to possible powertrain shutdown / loss of power

    This is exactly what happened to me. I was at a stop sign, accelerated out of it, the red light came on, and I barely made it through the intersection before the car came to a complete halt. I turned off and back on the was fine. I reported to my dealer who made an appointment with me...
  6. BayAreaKen

    [POLL] - [3rd Norcal Taycan social] - June 26th, 2021 - A pleasant summer drive

    Dave, I really wanted to do this trip on the 26th, but I will be returning from a 14 day vacation that day. I may make the trip on my own, however, when I feel like going for an extended drive. Did you ever do the "recon" trip?
  7. BayAreaKen

    Porsche Taycan Aerodynamics Features - VIDEO

    That was very interesting and informative. So the car determines when the radiator flaps need to be open or closed? I didn't know that was something this car did! Looking forward to Part 2!
  8. BayAreaKen

    PPF regrets?

    I have the Xpel Ultimate PPF on my front and sides (up to the rear doors) and am very happy I have. Within a few weeks of owning it, a rock hit my hood and bounced up and hit my windshield, causing a bit of a nick in the glass. The PPF protected the paint on the hood,, as it was supposed to, but...
  9. BayAreaKen

    The "religion" of car ownership

    Interesting thread. And although the original post held the potential for things to go off the rails fairly quickly, owing to the maturity of the folks on TaycanForum, it hasn't. But this thread has made me reminisce about my own history with cars. My first car was a 1979 Chevrolet Monza. My...
  10. BayAreaKen

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    Don't just love when your software (on any device) "upgrades" to a degradation of service? I'm still not convinced all this technology is making my life better. When technology is so seamless and transparent as to not have to think about it at all, it's closer to magic than anything else humans...
  11. BayAreaKen

    Software Update Has New Features for 2020 Taycans

    I just got my car back and noticed the same thing. I received a Cayenne for my loaner and was annoyed that the SiriusXM wouldn't show the current song and thought to myself that it is nice to have the feature available on the Taycan. Then I get my car and now that really nice feature is gone. I...
  12. BayAreaKen

    2021 April Software update results - 2020 Taycan Turbo

    Just picked up my car (MY20) about 2 hours ago. I dropped it off on a Monday and picked it up on the next Monday. I lost all my PCM media settings, my custom buttons lost their settings, SiriusXM needed to be re-activated and Apple Music is nowhere to be found. The service repo told me I have...
  13. BayAreaKen

    Please Welcome Stealth

    If we could get a few more in the Bay Area, that would be grand.
  14. BayAreaKen

    Taycan Cross Turismo will have a CUV mode and ride higher than Taycan

    I do not like the looks of that car. I do not like it at all. Blech.
  15. BayAreaKen

    Taycans and Autocar Set 13 New Distance and Speed Records

    This is such an impressive car. It's just amazing.
  16. BayAreaKen

    Trunk Lighting / Boot Lighting

    I've contacted my dealer. They are "looking into it" but I don't anticipate a solution. Which kinda sucks because the lighting in the trunk sucks. Apparently it isn't just my observation. It's not a's a feature. Porsche, fix this ridiculous situation by allowing for brighter lights...
  17. BayAreaKen

    Trunk Lighting / Boot Lighting

    After market lights?! What after market lights are you referring to?
  18. BayAreaKen

    Trunk Lighting / Boot Lighting

    I have not tried, but the idea occurred to me. I want the dealer to do it. Who's that Porsche Sales Guy on TaycanForum that says we can ask him anything? Oh yes, @LukeManning. Hey Luke, can this be fixed? Seriously, go to a dark room and open the trunk. Bring a flashlight, because the trunk...
  19. BayAreaKen

    Trunk Lighting / Boot Lighting

    But is it fixable? Has anybody tried to talk to their dealer about it? I called mine earlier today and all they did is confirm that it's low and unadjustable. grrrr. I suppose I'm merely asking if it's possible that the lights can be brighter and if so, how do we do that?
  20. BayAreaKen

    Trunk Lighting / Boot Lighting

    I'm wondering if this issue is mine and mine alone, or if this is a shared problem, but the lighting in my trunk is poor/dim/shitty/useless/awful/embarrassing/yougetthepoint. I have looked through the Good To Know app and can not find if there is a way to increase the lumens (from essentially...