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  1. Litigator

    Error during charging every 30-40 mins

    The problem had to do with the actual plug of the charging unit. Apparently there was a problem with one of the internal components that was not allowing the car to charge properly. There is no problem with the grid that I am aware of but I will be monitoring this carefully when I get the new...
  2. Litigator

    Error during charging every 30-40 mins

    Ding ding. You win. There is a problem with the resistor and the plug. The PMCC is fine. What I’ll need to look into is to whether the setup I have is somehow overheating the plug, but I trust the licensed electrician who installed the outlet.
  3. Litigator

    Error during charging every 30-40 mins

    Actually, I suspect they need to reprogram the charger but I am waiting to see what happens when I bring the car in today. I do not believe for a minute it relates to the grid because I haven’t had any problems with the car at all since purchase with charging. This is the first time that there...
  4. Litigator

    Error during charging every 30-40 mins

    Since I brought the car in for its recall, I cannot charge the car for more than 30-40 mins at a time. Does not matter what the timer or profile is set to. 40 mins is all I get and then it turns off. The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect just says that charging is complete but the app says error...
  5. Litigator

    PCM 6.0 Announcement - Coming to the Taycan soon?

    It would be humorous to build out the better PCM for the other models but not allow Taycan owners to open their doors with a phone first :)
  6. Litigator

    Carplay Karaoke

    I've been looking to see where the features are set up either in Apple Music or in the Car but have had no luck. Where is the manual for this :)
  7. Litigator

    Sunset Shots With Friends

    these really are something. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Litigator

    Most inexpensive portable charger

    these both look great thank you!
  9. Litigator

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    havent gotten word this is available in NJ yet from my dealer.
  10. Litigator

    Most inexpensive portable charger

    I have my existing charger wall mounted and no intention of taking it out of its wall mount. what is the least expensive portable solution to having a spare charger in the car? My office has a nema outlet I want to take advantage of. Thanks!
  11. Litigator

    Porsche Mobile Charger Plus

    What do they cost?
  12. Litigator

    Porsche Mobile Charger Plus

    Forgive me if I missed it, but did this ever come out?
  13. Litigator

    FOD only for MY21! Really!?

    Hmm. Disappointing for us early adopters although there is really nothing I wanted on the list. Are we still getting the wireless car play software update?
  14. Litigator

    Porsche Taycan Color Change Wrap And Graphics! - West Coast Supercars and Classics

    And here I thought this was going to be a post about color changing wraps :) Imagine if you could LED a wrap for a car.
  15. Litigator

    Gentian blue vs. Volcano Grey Metallic

    Trust me. I AGONIZED over the decision. But the cool thing about this color really is how it morphs from black to shades of black and then looks jet black at night while retaining the lines. Really he will love it.
  16. Litigator

    Gentian blue vs. Volcano Grey Metallic

    Wrapped my car too. No fading here :)
  17. Litigator

    Gentian blue vs. Volcano Grey Metallic

    Blue is spectacular. Awesome when you ditch the ugly US sidemarkers too...
  18. Litigator

    Cleaning the interior of the car (non leather surfaces)

    Curious what members are using on things like the interior door panels which show scuff marks from regular wear and tear. What cleaners are good for wiping down and protecting those surfaces?
  19. Litigator

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Pace car in the rally today ;)