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  1. Top to Bottom Review of the 2021 Taycan 4S (After 6 months ownership)

    Sorry, I wasn't clear; my experience is with the original ETron rather than the GT.
  2. Top to Bottom Review of the 2021 Taycan 4S (After 6 months ownership)

    I think the motors are different; but the braking system seems to operate in a very similar fashion. (how about that for a lack of certainty, lol)
  3. Top to Bottom Review of the 2021 Taycan 4S (After 6 months ownership)

    Yes, thanks. i have it set up that way but sometimes find it easier to choose auto on rather than flip through to individual. Still wish it would 'stick'
  4. Top to Bottom Review of the 2021 Taycan 4S (After 6 months ownership)

    but I believe AutoRegen is the most efficient of all; at least that is what Audi claims for auto regen in the Etron. It allows coasting until you are approaching another vehicle, then applies regen to slow you down. I think it works very well and my only frustration is having to remember to turn...
  5. Road Signs Option Stuck on 65 MPH...

    Mine (2021 4s) hangs at a speed frequently; I would say during at least 30% of my trips at some point the symbol will hang. It resets after the car is shut off for a short while. This should be addressed.
  6. Navigation in CT/Connecticut vs Ct/Court

    yes; took a while to get used to 'court' but now know what it means.
  7. No certified Taycan Tech.

    Porsche Fairfield helped me get out of the bind. Very happy with their response. Bad experience with Hoffman Audi, also they refused to help when asked by my dealer.
  8. No certified Taycan Tech.

    I purchased from that dealer; they were very apologetic when I had the motor control error; the service lead there bent over backwards to get me in contact with a dealer that could help. The closer one refused (don't like them anyway) but he found me a dealer who took the car and completed the...
  9. Thermal windows

    No problem with EZPass here. They do have batteries in them.
  10. 2,500 miles in 6 days!!

    haven't experienced that problem; the only charging challenges I have faced have been due to chargers. but I don't have the 19.2 so I am not familiar with your issues. No question, Porsche needs to own up to issues and get them fixed. Their promotional materials make it all seem perfect and we...
  11. 2,500 miles in 6 days!!

    At this point, non Tesla EVs are really in the development phase esp when it comes to longer distance travel (many would argue that is also true of Tesla's but for different reasons). The availability of chargers has improved incredibly over the past couple of years (owned an Etron for almost...
  12. Range mode + Recuperation?

    Not sure what it is about 'auto' that is not understandable.. It sort of works like 1/2 of radar cruise when your foot is off the accelerator. Nothing happens unless your foot is off the accelerator (like cruise does); at that point it monitors what is ahead and slows you down if you are...
  13. Range mode + Recuperation?

    Although I wish the recup setting would 'stick'. even though it isn't chosen recuperation occurs whenever the brake pedal is pressed (unless extremely hard). Notice how little brake dust is on your wheels. (note, if the battery is fully charged, recup can't occur until some of the battery is...
  14. Question about Charging NA app

    Plug & Charge worked for me the first time, it was in Manchester CT which previously did not; I had been charging using the app
  15. NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    By what definition is a car that stops in the middle of the highway safe to drive??
  16. NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    interesting points. I had driven the car about 100 mi before it happened to me. My car is a 2021; it did have a software update before delivery because it was manufactured just before an update was released.
  17. Traffic Sign Recognition Hangs

    It has happened to me quite a few times not associated with rain or (gasp) car wash. I find it surprising that a problem with the sensor causes the display to hang. Very curious.
  18. Motor Control Error Fix (2021)

    I didn't get any feedback on other cars; I assumed since there was a fix that is was known as a problem. More reports are for post-update 2020 models but there are NHTSA reports (including mine) for 2021's. I agree; when mine shut down I was in the right lane so it was easy to get to the...
  19. Traffic Sign Recognition Hangs

    Are others seeing this problem. I had previously described with as my currently remaining problem after Motor Control Error fix. This has occurred many times: the speed sign indicator freezes on a value and will not...