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  1. Had my wheels redone to match the car color (Gentian Blue).

    Day 3 I got a decent scratch to nsf managed to get it diamond cut and looks like new, suppose I can consider myself lucky. Btw where do you rapid charge local as I spend 1/3 of my time in Southbourne?
  2. EV chargers futureproof?

    Recently took ownership of a coastal apartment, no EV charging , other 5 occupants are interested in charge points to future proof there properties but want to wait and see if any quicker or more high powered solutions become available in near future? Is this a possibility?
  3. Hello

    sure we will cross paths pretty soon, I live in Hagley enjoy the car.
  4. UK high power location list

    what all of 4 ionity can we use Porsche dealership charging facilities?
  5. UK high power location list

    Hi is there such a thing as a list of the high powered locations around the UK maybe starting at 50kw as get car next week and once UK out of lockdown i do a lot of miles? thanks guys.