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  1. Yves_0016

    Plaid beats Taycan Turbo by 11 seconds around ring... will Porsche respond?

    Frankly I couln’t care less. My Porsche has more tradition, class, heritage and pedigree in one wheelnut than the Tesla Plaid in the entire car. 11 seconds on the Nordschleife doesn’t change even 1% of this.
  2. Yves_0016

    Our Taycan in the Scottish Highlands Video Feature

    Very nice! Beautifull car and country! Question: how are the charging facilities in the Highlands? Could you risk for instance the Northcoast 500?
  3. Yves_0016

    To Taycan, or not Taycan? That is the question.

    The Taycan is insane. A Porsche is insane. If you can afford it, buy one. Really, every second driving this car puts a smile on my face. The driving experience is unlike any BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Note: if it fits in the budget, go for the 4S. I have driven both and the 4S definitely hits the...
  4. Yves_0016

    Show Us Your Prestige License Plates

    Here is mine. My name is Yves obviously...
  5. Yves_0016

    Do you have a pano roof?

    Have it because it was on the car (I bought car from the dealer floor). If I had chosen myself I would have gotten it too. Reason: mandatory for roof bars and box if ever required. As I always sit in the front I haven’t ever seen it actually. 🙂
  6. Yves_0016

    Poll: R-N-D or D-N-R?

    It’s perfect like it is. Push down on the lever for D. Seems and feels the most logical and natural.
  7. Yves_0016

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Just got a call feom the dealer. Car shoulf be ok. I can pick it up tomorrow after exactly 3 MONTHS at the dealer for the update. Surreal. I'm arming myself to the teeth with info from this forum before picking up the car tomorrow. I'm checking absolutely everything before accepting the car...
  8. Yves_0016

    E-Mobility Options

    I have used both and would NOT spec this. Cool? Yes. Annoying to open? YES!! The normal manual covers are much easier in daily use. Standing in the rain whilst sliding your finger across the touchy thing with nothing opening will annoy very quickly.
  9. Yves_0016

    Base Taycan (RWD) review from a Turbo S owner

    I have been driving an RWD loaner for a couple of weeks and this is EXACTLY how I have also experienced this. RWD is far from slow, but the 4S is much quicker, especially at speed, hits the exact sweet spot as you mention.
  10. Yves_0016

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    Agreed. And eventhough I see no other car better to own (giving same driving experience whilst fiscally excellent) I don't even want my car to be replaced any more. Either I get my own car back soon or I just want my money back and will probably order an Audi e tron sportback then seing as in...
  11. Yves_0016

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    After nearly 2 months in a Macan I threatened litigation and told them I would stop payments. At that moment they indeed "upgraded" my loaner to a (nicely specced) Taycan (RWD). It's not as good as my 4S, but it's OK. That being said, even if they gave me a Turbo S, it doesn't make up for the...
  12. Yves_0016

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    After the car now being at the dealer since May the 5th for the software update I have no other choice then to go with very disappointed. Still no outlook on a solution. Service from both Porsche as well as the dealer has been abismal. How the realization of a boyhood dream became a...
  13. Yves_0016

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Not sure if a 911 wouldn't do the trick! 😉😉 But a Macan is a shit car, just buy a decent BMW x3, by far the better car but without a Porsche badge.
  14. Yves_0016

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    10 weeks now my car is at dealer (over 1/3 of the period I have "owned" the car). OTA module replaced, still nothing. Car won't go into "privacy mode" to accept the upgrade. Porsche Germany now investigating PCM or Porsche ID issues in the Porsche cloud (or so I'm told). After having threatened...
  15. Yves_0016

    Taycan 4S Impressive Range results, 656 km (407 mi) driven!

    Wauw!! How did you do that? 13.1 kwh/100km. That's spectacular hypermiling! 👍👍
  16. Yves_0016

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Still nothing here. Car at dealer for update since 4th of May. I have now threatened with litigation. Dealer says they received aporoval from Germany to replace the entire PCM/OTA/... Hardware pieces. But these are on backorder in Germany. No date available. 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 If this continues untill...
  17. Yves_0016

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

    This is the watch I wear daily. Graham Chronofighter Prodive.
  18. Yves_0016

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    In the mean time my car has been at the dealer for 5 and a half weeks for the update. I’m getting very sick and tired about the Porsche customer service (and the Macan loaner for that). Apparently the car needs to be in privacy mode to do the update and how they explain it is that my car looks...
  19. Yves_0016

    Taycan GTS and Sport Turismo GTS Speculations

    Yes! Better! I have never had black rims myself. I don't see the appeal. But that's personal taste I suppose.