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    Carplay annoyances

    No beep, but the same problems 2 and 3. Interesting to hear it is a problem beyond this model, and kinda comforting, as i was thinking just another bad programming choice for this car. Porsche really got to up their spending and development of their software. I dont expect to drive a Tesla level...

    Budget decisions: Taycan 4S

    I have the premium and performance package with the PDCC and PTV+ and i enjoy it a lot, with no tracking of the car. Just everyday driving is so sharp and responsive in turns, just doing things like driving around obstacles, making u-turns or parking is so much easier with it, let alone when you...

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    Concur, backup camera sucks ass. Is it the worst issue, no. Can it be worked around, yes. By and large the consensus is the camera sucks. Porsche should do better when cars that cost 100k less have a superior camera.

    Radio is not switching off????

    Do the two finger reset method. I had this happen once, where the radio and car would not fully shutdown. The reset fixed it. If you dont know how to do that reset, just search on the forums here, but basically you Hold two fingers in the upper right corner of the top middle screen for a few...

    EA is happy with 60kw charging rate.... According to technician

    I was at a station in knoxville and couldn’t even get that. 4 stations, 1 didnt work and couldn’t connect (350kw), 2 only got 35-40kw (150 and 350kw) and the third (150kw) connected at 90kw. Multiple vehicles and users reported the same on PlugShare along with an Etron that was there with me. I...

    Has anyone in a Taycan done the Tail Of the Dragon?

    Well I figured it out. EA charger in Knoxville about 60 miles from the Tail enabled it. The stations themself, only one really worked, but I was able to get out there nonetheless. The car had plenty of charge to do the run a few times once there, plus at the Killboy store, they have level 2 plug...

    First EV Road Trip Tomorrow - Tips?

    Yep, agree with all the posters here on tips. Been on two 1200+ mile round trips easy. Be sure to doing some planning ahead as they mentioned, and use the ABRP and PlugShare apps to know what’s out there for charging spots. Just be aware the ABRP app assumes your car can only do the EPA given...

    Can you turn off the tiny overhead light between the map lights?

    Been wandering about this myself, but it seems there is nothing to be done for it in settings anyway…

    Taycan Secret Tips and Functions

    That’s what I do when i run into highly localized distortions in the space time continuum. Except when my bussard collectors are full, of course.…😆

    US EV tax credits

    Phasing is a good idea, or increasing the price to say 60k for the tax break to stop. I dont think salary of a person should impact the tax break. The purpose I thought, was to encourage the adoption of cleaner technologies. Now, I do think luxury cars like ours, yeah, I’d agree it would not...

    Best Range Yet After 100% Charge

    This is the best I’ve gotten so far. 4S with battery plus. At this point, i have about 10k miles on the car. That was also a range mode estimate just to see how far it could theoretically go.

    Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    Yes, I’ve seen several street racing videos. That car hooks on the street from a dig quite easily. The battery does have to be conditioned, I am told 8 -15 minute for maximum performance. But Brooks (the dragtimes vlogger) showed the car in the first race launched without the conditioning and...

    Did you buy your Taycan primarily.....

    A. Been looking at EVs for a long while and was going to get a Tesla, but the build quality and service issues worried me. Then I test drove the Taycan and was hooked.

    Anyone here from TN - Nashville area

    Not too far away in Huntsville.

    Road trip planning

    Yeah, first off is your trip is likely to be mostly I-95, so you will be totally fine. Use PlugShare to better plan your trip. It does a better job as it allows you to input the actual real world range of the Taycan (use 270-280 for full charge in the app). ABRP uses the 200 mile EPA range, so...

    Let us know how your recall update (Powertrain Shutdown / Loss of Power) went

    No problems. Took the dealer an hour or so. Driven it a couple times today since and no noticeable changes or problems.

    Tesla superchargers open to other EVs this year

    The adapter would have to be made longer as most other EV ports wont reach. I tried out of curiosity on my Taycan at one of the super charger stations and it did not reach. I would have had to park sideways and take up 3 or 4 spaces.

    Taycan Charging Profile charged to incorrect %

    Yes, just last night. My profile is set for 85% and for some reason, it stopped at 82%. It has never done that in 6/7 months of charging. I unplugged and plugged it back in and it got the last 3% and stopped at 85.

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    Voted exceed expectations. Had the car6/7 months and I still love driving it all the time for no reason. I’m still working from home but almost every day i make a reason to drive it. My wife thinks I’m nuts! The issues I’ve had with it are pretty much all software related as many have mentioned...