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  1. Rear Seat Entertainment

    Oh wow, I didn't think they would randomly add such pretty major options right after releasing a new model year. This is definitely something I will add to my build (last second too, since my lock date is coming up very soon). I have to say that I'm extremely happy that I found this forum. So...
  2. Anyone considering other EV's?

    I did originally place an order on a Model S Plaid+, but later cancelled when the Taycan CT was released (the Plaid+ of course turned out to be vapourware so it didn't matter in the end). I'm honestly pretty disappointed at the new Model S and how little they have done to improve it where it...
  3. Taycan Cool Bag

    Oh that’s a shame if true. I’ve also ordered the cool bag, but I haven’t heard anything from my dealer yet.
  4. Which option did you have the hardest time reaching a decision?

    On the CT, roof rails and the off-road package. I eventually opted for neither of them, but really could have gone either way.
  5. Porsche baby car seat installed in Taycan

    AFAIK, only the outer seats have Isofix so if it's possible you would need to attach it using only the seatbelt.
  6. Tesla Tap compatible with Taycan in UK?

    It’s however worth noting that Tesla is supposed to open up their Supercharger network to all brands soon. Exactly how this is going to work is not entirely clear yet, though. The good thing is that European Teslas use standard CCS like the Taycan so you won’t need an adapter like in the US.
  7. Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    Can you expand a bit what you mean by this? I‘d assume that any Type 2 charger would just work with any modern BEV. Did you have to do anything different except ignoring the Tesla logo printed on the charger?
  8. Taycan 2022 Configurator Question Remote Park Assist

    Yeah, I talked to my dealer and according to Porsche Sweden, Remote Park Assist should include Lane Change Assist even though it’s not explicitly listed as such. I’ve thus specced my car with Remote Park Assist, so I really hope it’s correct.
  9. OMG Elon really does lie

    Don’t forget though that Tesla and their fans only really care about the 0-60mph numbers. Any type of “soft” values like driving characteristics are all but irrelevant because it’s not something that can be easily embraced by tech bloggers. Like all Teslas, the roadster is probably going to...
  10. Porsche, please… my Taycan is not white!!!

    They correctly render the entire car configuration all over the interface, including correct colour, seats, wheels, etc. The older models used prerendered sprites, but the new ones render the car in 3D.
  11. Reverse beep

    The deadline for implementing the pedestrian warning system for EVs in the US (including reverse beeping) was delayed last year to March 2021. The EU has a different set of requirements, that I believe don't include...
  12. Racetex Headliner - happy with it?

    I think the B-pillar has it but there was an option to add racetex to the headliner (literally "rearview mirror panel" translated from Swedish). Otherwise I personally prefer leather over racetex when there's a choice.
  13. Racetex Headliner - happy with it?

    Oh, I had completely missed this since I was going full out on leather and carbon, and never really looked into the racetex options. My lock date is coming up soon so I'm really glad I saw this thread in time.
  14. 📣 Official Release: 2022 Porsche Taycan Upgrades & New Colors

    When I configured my MY22 Taycan at the Porsche centre yesterday there was a new extended leather option that wasn’t available in the MY21 configuration. I think it was for the ceiling grab handles. Not sure if that’s something new or if they had just moved around some options.
  15. Taycan 2022 Configurator Question Remote Park Assist

    Sorry for hijacking the thread a bit, but has it been confirmed that Lane Change Assist is included in Remote Park Assist? These options appears to be mutually exclusive to each other in the configurator, but my contact at the Porsche Center didn’t have any information at hand whether that was...
  16. 📣 Official Release: 2022 Porsche Taycan Upgrades & New Colors

    That’s great to hear! Actually makes me happy for once that the production delays have pushed my order to MY22.
  17. Review of first 1000 miles Taycan RWD (all options ranked)

    So regarding the massage seats, what are people's opinion about comfort+massage seats vs the 18-way sport seats? Would you rather have opted for them instead over the massage feature?
  18. Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo delivered!

    @B61 Really? I thought it at least changed the ride height of the different driving modes so that the Normal and Sport modes have High ride height instead of Medium?
  19. Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo delivered!

    Do you remember what height setting you used when you took the photos? I’m still trying to decide whether to get the off-road package or not before my build locks, but I’m concerned that the slightly increased ride height would look odd.
  20. Your Turbo S config

    I’ve been told that I’m going to get a 2022 build, but they still haven’t released the updated configurator in Sweden yet, so I’m probably going to do some slight alternations when that happens. Here is my current order anyway: