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  1. Neptune

    Certifiably Insane YOLO Turbo S Configuration - Ordered This Week

    Black doesn't bring out the lines of the Taycan.
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    Front Bumper Damage

    " Another shop said they could cover the car, repair the damage and "feather in" the paint and clear coat without removing the bumper. But I'm hearing that this could result in pealing later. If I applied PPF on the bumper afterwords (which I was intending to do before this happened) this seems...
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    Installing Taycan electric sport sound after purchase?
  4. Neptune

    Installing Taycan electric sport sound after purchase?
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    There are two blue cables headers, single phase 16 amps and 32 amps. The red cable is 32 amps 3 phase and a larger 64amp 3 phase.
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    In case you were wondering how much a battery costs

    I would guess that it costs Porsche about $35k to build that battery, which is about the same price as a GT3 engine.
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    In case you were wondering how much a battery costs

    If it was mainly highway driving, coasting in a straight line it may be possible. He may have been on bald tyres 50% of the time.
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    NEPTUNE BLUE Taycan Club

    Yes it is, that's why I love this colour. In normal light its quite conservative but in the sun it pops and is completey different.
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    Porsche Taycan Transport mode

    How do all the other cars survive with out transport mode?
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    Making the sport electric sound louder.

    If you fold down the rear seats the sport electric sound is about 30% louder. I forgot to put the seats back up after transporting something and noticed that the sound was much louder in the cabin.
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    Taycan Battery Pack Teardown

    Only 449 views after 24 hours, ouch. So far this video cost $412 per view.
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    Dealing with electric car fires

    They could probably dump 100 gallons of liquid nitrogen instead of 28,000 gallons of water. Liquid nitrogen is $2/liter or ~$900 for 100 gallons. Water would be $1059 for 28,000 gallons.
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    Best way to get/use CD player in Taycan?

    Here you go: Bluetooth CD player. Nice and Simple. EDIT: For US Market...
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    Battery Degradation

    Your dealer has no idea what he is talking about. Some times I think dealers just like to make stuff up.
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    Nobody talking about the revised 2022 configurator?

    Park assist is the one option i regret getting. It's usless and a waste of money, by the time it finds a spot that it can park in and it parks the car you can do it in a 1/10th of the time. Maybe it works better in countires like the states where the roads and parking spaces are bigger but in...
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    No Longer A Issue

    $2.5K to repaint wheels? Getting a wheel repainted is $200 a wheel on the VERY high end. How can getting a front bumper repainted by a porsche approved paint shop be cheaper than a single wheel.
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    New Configurator Showing Different Mission E’s?

    The wheels are 3D, so is the Car.
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    New Configurator Showing Different Mission E’s?

    That would be impossible to keep clean. Would look nice for a couple of days at best even without brake dust.
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    Used 45% of tyre tread after only 1500 miles?!

    They sent a video of taking the measurments of each tread with the tool showing the reading.