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  1. Dlurker20

    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    I love this log. I’ve done a few trips now, nothing as extensive as you’re doing and a lot of others have reported on here, but enough that I’m comfortable with the planning and charging when it works. When the charger doesn’t work that’s when the anxiety monster kicks in and I start searching...
  2. Dlurker20

    The Dreaded Electrical Fault Error, pull over and park

    It was not a range mode issue. I’m aware of that limitation when in range mode, and also aware that if you slam the pedal down you can override that. I was going 60 mph and the car suddenly stopped responding to the accelerator and began decelerating. It’s happened more than once and it is not...
  3. Dlurker20

    To Taycan, or not Taycan? That is the question.

    I debated long and hard before putting in my order. It’s an expensive vehicle, while green it’s not practical. It’s gorgeous. It’s fun to drive. It’s terribly amazing. I’ve had mine for a year, I find reasons to drive it every day.
  4. Dlurker20

    The Dreaded Electrical Fault Error, pull over and park

    I haven’t had the fault since the update, and only had the fault once before it, but I have noticed a few times on the freeway that it seems to lose speed and won’t accelerate even as I mash the pedal…and then it explodes in speed to whip my head back in an attempt to trigger amnesia to make me...
  5. Dlurker20

    Parking in reverse problems

    I’ve had no issues at all and just got the latest software patch. I’d check the auto-hold setting, that seems like a decent idea for cause
  6. Dlurker20

    Strange Braking Issue

    I have to come in slowly to my garage as I have an angle and narrow clearance to negotiate. A few times now, coming in at low speeds has resulted in that mushy pedal mushy. It is extremely inconsistent, I will go a couple of weeks with no recurrence then suddenly scare the crap out of me as I’m...
  7. Dlurker20

    Meandering thoughts about my first weekend with the car

    This had me cracking up, and then my wife looked at me and said “that’s not funny.” Sometimes close to home is just priceless. As others have noted on recuperation, that little button on the steering wheel is great. I absolutely love the coasting feel of the Taycan, there’s nothing like it...
  8. Dlurker20

    Motor Control Error and System error

    For all that have had it, does it recur? I have seen a few say that it has. Mine did it once and hasn’t again.
  9. Dlurker20

    I lost all power in the outside lane

    Excellent question on the MY. Mine is a 2020, did this fail for the first time today. To those freaking out, very few of us have actually had any problems with our cars, and even those that have will stand by how amazing of a vehicle it is. I handily stand by my purchase and enjoy the hell out...
  10. Dlurker20

    Motor Control Error and System error

    Curious if the cable is what they did for you. I’ve had my car since October and no real problems. Today as I’m turning to get on the freeway i get this error message and my car slows to a stop. Fortunately, in the middle of the street, I turned it off and back on and it was fine. I took to the...
  11. Dlurker20

    Ordered today 😀

    Horrible financial decision. Wonderful life decision. I find excuses to go for a drive. I absolutely love my car, minor irritations and all (though the f’ing trunk popping back up because a whiff of resistance...that’s not a minor irritation!). Patience is the hard part. Joy ensues for a log...
  12. Dlurker20

    Red Seat Belts Retrofitted in Taycan

    I know you ditched the car to travel the country and all, I didn’t know the cat went with the car!
  13. Dlurker20

    First road trip completed successfully!

    Very cool, thanks for sharing this! I’ve still yet to do much road tripping to my great disappointment. I have had to do some 200 mile round trips and can attest to the impact temperature has on the battery. At -5F (-20C) I babied the drive, putting it in range mode to ensure I didn’t push it. I...
  14. Dlurker20

    My Porsche Taycan Turbo configuration- HELP!!!

    Standard disclaimer...nothing is perfect, and all advice you’ll get from anybody is based on their perspective and not what is really best for you. You seem to have selected just about every option, have you compared the price against the Turbo S? When you get too high on the options for one...
  15. Dlurker20

    Carplay Tidal

    Well that f’ing sucks. Is it just Tidal you see this with? And since we’re on this point...are you noticing a material quality difference in Tidal vs. Spotify (or Apple Music) in the car?
  16. Dlurker20

    Carplay Tidal

    Does it just play or just show? A somewhat recent update changed CarPlay so it will only show 10 in a list while you’re driving. It will play more than the 10 but it will only show you that; it’s supposedly a safety feature to prevent distracted driving. I haven’t used Tidal though so I don’t...
  17. Dlurker20

    Taycan 4S+ Cold weather experiences

    I am in Minnesota where it’s below 0C for at least half of the year. My Taycan has been my daily driver since September (after an interminable wait!). I find it absolutely phenomenal in the cold with great handling and the lovely precook/heat timers coupled with being able to hit the button at...
  18. Dlurker20

    Taycan 4s parked on snow rolling forward - how why and wtf??

    This is an interesting post since I had the exact opposite scenario. We had several inches of snow dumped atop ice, I’m on the downslope on the road, my car is holding fine while cars around me are sliding and can’t make it up the hill. Oh I slid when I came to a stop. But once held it was rock...
  19. Dlurker20

    Recuperation Button

    The car glides without it, it’s a thing of true beauty. I love driving without regen. No mode will turn it on by default. If you have the sport steering wheel and have the individual mode, you can save this in your individual setting so it goes on automatically, but I don’t know why you’d ever...
  20. Dlurker20

    Taycan Lands on Roof of Another Car in Home Crash

    Any time I am having a bad day I’m coming back to read this thread. Thanks @Dee and @Vim Schrotnock for sharing your misery and making the rest of us feel better.