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  1. Smithy37

    Charging at USA Dealers?

    I charged at the experience centre at Silverstone last week and nothing’s appeared in my charging history in the app (yet). It couldn’t possibly be free, could it?
  2. Smithy37

    Rear Windscreen vertical crack …!!!

    Mines just gone tonight. So this information is invaluable. thanks.
  3. Smithy37

    Help! I accidentally liked the PCM!

    I don’t hate the PCM but find it frustrating. You listen to the car radio then CarPlay initiates wirelessly and turns the radio off. you get a Waze alert and the radio turns back on (my 991.2 does this too). Also doesn’t like being interrupted by telephone calls neither and it and the radio...
  4. Smithy37

    ABRP or PIRM?

    Just want to thank everyone for the feedback. It’s pretty much as I thought. So that is reassuring. It’s quite the departure from what I’m used to but I do enjoy the planning & hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the journey just as much. PlugShare was a good shout too. I like the fact it’s based...
  5. Smithy37

    Only getting maximum 20kW at 50kW charging stations suddenly

    I’m new to this so forgive me if this is a dumb suggestion, but try setting the charger as the destination in your Nav. I believe this will activate the battery preheat function and you should charge faster. It worked for me when I charged at an ionity station last weekend. My batteries were a...
  6. Smithy37

    ABRP or PIRM?

    Hitting Silverstone next weekend for the British GP and travelling the 215 miles from the North East to Milton Keynes, where I’m based for the weekend. Due to the various lockdowns I’ve not travelled very far in my Taycan Turbo S up to now and only experienced my first ever Ionity charge last...
  7. Smithy37

    Waze via Car Play and Porsche Navigation

    I run it like this too. HUD will only display the PCM Nav arrows so I use that to Navigate with and then leave CarPlay on and use CarPlay Home Screen with the shrunken map for hazards (& police). I then choose the PCM map view in the instrument binnacle. Best of both worlds if you ask me...
  8. Smithy37

    Siri glitching & not reading whole sentences.

    That is why I did some testing to prove that it was the phone and not the PCM. Please try my suggested work around. Appears to be temporarily working for me. :please:
  9. Smithy37

    Siri glitching & not reading whole sentences.

    Issue appears to point to iOS14.5.1 Siri behaves this way even when not connected to the car. It took me a while to realise this. What I’ve found to work is goto settings/Siri & Search & slide off “Hey Siri” Power the phone off & on then slide “Hey Siri” back on. Not sure if this is a...
  10. Smithy37

    Sheeme150 just posted "The PAINS of Living with an EV! My WORST Experience Yet"

    I don’t understand all the anger aimed at him. I bought my first EV 6 months ago and have never charged it out in the wild due to lockdown restrictions. I have several trips planned & seeing some of the issues he experienced terrifies me. Yes the U.K. has an under developed EV infrastructure...
  11. Smithy37

    Prevent switching to CarPlay audio at start

    Just go into device manager and deselect car play - you’ll have to wait for it to connect first though. Then, when you turn the car off, it will remember CarPlay wasn’t selected. When you want CarPlay back on just do the reverse. It can be re-activated whilst driving. Pretty drastic solution I...
  12. Smithy37

    Siri glitching & not reading whole sentences.

    Anyone else experienced Siri unable to read out whole messages in Apple CarPlay? This happens with text messages and WhatsApp messages. It also doesn’t like reading back my replies and then hangs, which is very annoying. I also often get half a reply to any question I may ask, like “what is the...
  13. Smithy37

    Sunglasses holder in place of grab handle

    Done this modification to nearly all of my Porsches. I bought a Volvo charcoal holder online, removed my grab handle & after a bit of head scratching as to how to fit it into the holes left over, it’s done. I think it looks pretty good and every inch OEM. It’s sprung & cushioned but does stay...
  14. Smithy37

    prioritise porsche charging service

    Have seen this option in the Navigation settings and can’t for the life of me work out what it does. The description underneath it is pretty vague too. The Porsche good to know app must think it is actually a need to know app & I can’t be worthy. Can anyone shed any light please? Apologies if...
  15. Smithy37

    New 150kw DC charging rolling out across the UK

    Then I read the following: Yet there’s another twist in this tale. It turns out that, in fact, because legislation means that all the 150kW chargers in the UK have super-modern 960V, they'll charge the Taycan at the full 150kW even if you haven’t added the optional DC on-board charging system...
  16. Smithy37

    New 150kw DC charging rolling out across the UK

    Sorry to re-visit this but I’ve seen a new charger spring up on the M6 that’s a CCS 150kw (BP Crow Orchard - North West of Wigan) that I was hoping to use when restrictions allow and keep re-reading this comment and getting a tad confused: So if I understand this correctly, without the...
  17. Smithy37

    Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    Yes. 3 months into ownership. Just the odd little pcm glitch, but most of those have seemingly been ironed out with the latest update. If I’m honest most of my issues have revolved around car play & the way it interacts with the pcm. Car turns head & drives fantastically so really glad I...
  18. Smithy37

    Apple Car Play disappeared

    If this happens again try hard resetting your iPhone. That should re-initiate the handshake protocol with the PCM. Quicker than waiting 14 mins too.
  19. Smithy37

    Dealer Software Update

    My experience is different to those above. I see no difference in the PCM function. Wireless carplay can still take a while to pair & activate. I have had the CarPlay black screen since the update. The map where the Speedo lives still refuses to remember the satellite view when you turn the...