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  1. Torv

    Strange Apple Music/Apple Podcast log on behavior

    Same thing here. I also have to log in to Apple Music repeatedly even when I don't have Podcasts enabled. It's all wildly inconsistent. I will go days with everything working properly, then randomly, I'll have to re-login to Apple Music with the QR code all from scratch. Same with Apple...
  2. Torv

    Google Phasing Out Android Auto App

    Just as Porsche rolls out support for Android Auto, Google announces they're phasing it out:
  3. Torv

    What are my options...

    Go for the discount.
  4. Torv

    Crack in roof; too risky to drive?

    Cracks like that tend to “spider” in all directions and while it's probably not a safety issue, it would bug the bejesus out of me. If I were you, I’d reach out to my insurance company to replace the glass. Your deductible is doubtless far less than the replacement cost.
  5. Torv

    New recall - brake issue

    Brakes are for sissies!
  6. Torv

    Carplay annoyances

    Good suggestion. I tried that but no go.
  7. Torv

    Can’t wait until tomorrow…..

    And here I am thinking you're all jacked up for tomorrow's Apple iPhone announcements!
  8. Torv

    Carplay annoyances

    Yeah. I'm also having weird CarPlay issues of late. After two months of it working reliably, the Taycan is having trouble “seeing” it. I've gone into settings on my phone and “forgotten” the Taycan and re-set it from scratch all to no avail. Then, randomly, I hit the Siri button on the...
  9. Torv

    I gotta say, This Car is Sick!

  10. Torv

    Add passenger screen, longer wait?

    On a related subject, does anyone know if the Passenger Display can be added retroactively? I imagine the wiring harness is already there as well as any mounting points.
  11. Torv

    Help Needed with PCM/Porsche Connect

    I'd recommended a total reset of the PCM and then set up again from scratch. It's a pain in the ass, but short of going to the dealer...
  12. Torv

    Huge demand for Taycan causing wait to stretch to 6 months

    True. I waited nearly 8 agonzing months!
  13. Torv

    OMG Elon really does lie

    Tesla should award anyone who put deposits (how much was it, $50000?) on the Roadster, Tesla stock back dated in value to when they started taking deposits on this vaporware.
  14. Torv

    Insulated glass...?

    Not a one.
  15. Torv

    PPF and model badge removal or replacement

    I too did a full body PPF and my installer removed the “Taycan 4s” from the back of the car. He told me that the model designation is fairly fragile plastic and that its best to buy replacements from Porsche, which I did for about $150USD. After buying it, I can confirm that the model verbiage...
  16. Torv

    Trying to decide which battery for our 4S build.

    First off, will your wife also marry me? I too have a NO FOOD in the Porsche policy that my wife gives endless grief for. As to the main point of your question about the battery upgrade, I would definitely recommend going with the larger battery. Here's why: First and foremost, the Taycan is...
  17. Torv

    Rear axle steering (RAS) - gimmick or?

    Ah, you beat me to it! I just watched this one and its an excellent explanation of the system.
  18. Torv

    Insulated glass...?

    As for cellular reception, my iPhone 12 Pro works just fine via T-Mobile. It also worked fine with ATT before I switched to T-Mobile.
  19. Torv

    Insulated glass...?

    I've got that option and I'm glad I got it, but mostly from a thermal perspective because it really does help reduce the heat transmission into the car and therefore reduces the workload of the AC which I believe helps a lot with range and efficiency. But then I'm also in California, not...
  20. Torv

    Clunking sound when pressing PARK button

    Probably the parking brakes engaging--just a guess.