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  1. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    yeah, it’s a great first showing, but for a 1000hp, it struggled and shows it really doesn’t have anything else. it Is a big improvement for Tesla, and it puts Porsche in a competitive spot. The traditional manufacturers really need to up their game. This is just the beginning of the EV ring...
  2. Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    EU folks seem to be moving to EV faster. I’m deeply skeptical that this is a “young kids in America are totally different than kids in Germany”. There are places in NA where EVs are rare enough to be kinda exotic. It won’t last but I get it. The instant torque is delicious and in many of...
  3. Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    Tesla has rightly earned a lot of its customers faith for being the first high performing EV available with a number of nice advancements. It took Porsche over 7 years to get into the game, and pretty much everything in between the Tesla and taycan sucked. however Tesla won’t remain...
  4. 4S Brake upgrade or not..

    For a not-EV, the Porsche ceramics have a nicer feel and stronger initial bite than the steel. Like “less dust” it doesn’t effect performance and is a matter of personal preference. Some folks don’t like a quick bite near the top. Of course, this is pretty irrelevant to the blended EV braking.
  5. 4S Brake upgrade or not..

    of course they know. Folks have done this on YouTube. Results are exactly what you expect. Same stopping distance until steel heat fades.
  6. Porsche Announces Mission R EV Sports Car Concept

    Well it’ll never be a consumer vehicle without an entirely different chassis. Still as an aspiration, 3300# with 1000hp is a beautiful dream.
  7. OMG Elon really does lie

    that would be a wild turn of events. I’m not sure what would induce it though. The power train tech already exists. The new model S plaid gets almost the target performance. Shed a little weight and put on better tires and use 4680 batteries and you’re done. I don’t follow why folks are...
  8. OMG Elon really does lie

    Note this isn’t a public statement, but a “source” so i take it with a high uncertainty value but if Tesla has hit 70% yield now, then 4680 batteries are real and the difference is “only money”. Which might make the...
  9. OMG Elon really does lie

    so I expect it’s delayed to end of 2024, first deliveries 2025. Yes that’s just a guess. but I’m not nearly as pessimistic about the fundamental technology. The 4680 cells can get the roadster done. the car is quite large. It’s not a Cayman, it’s about the size of a model 3. It’s going to...
  10. To Taycan, or not Taycan? That is the question.

    this sounds like a familiar conversation.. ”so I‘m tempted by a new car toy …” ”No” ”or maybe a trip to Vegas …” ”fucking hell. buy the supercar”
  11. Question for experienced Porsche owners…

    A few things. Some highway entrance and exit ramps might be particularly entertaining. Some judicious selection of roads and times combined with not being too crazy. These are public roads after all, and wholly unsuited to recklessness. plus, the occasion track experience, and matching the...
  12. Cost of replacement of PSCB

    An EV with regenerative braking is not going to wear the brakes hard. They will last much much longer than an ice car.
  13. Cost of replacement of PSCB

    no, these aren’t ceramic brakes. The surface coated are under $7k
  14. To Taycan, or not Taycan? That is the question.

    i’m tempted to suggest you test drive a 911 and consider if don’t want to check that bucket list item off and trade it in for a taycan in a few years. If the 911 is too small for the family, then maybe the other way around :)
  15. 8 Hours at PEC Atlanta Experience - A Review

    Everybody is bad at these exercises the first time. Your first day isn’t nearly enough time to do more than begin to familiarize yourself with the car and the weight transfer behavior. Most of the instructors are professional race drivers. Even if you were an exceptional amateur, they’d still...
  16. Tri Motor Taycan plans?

    uhm …. It already is in a line and has more torque and more hp. The marketplace isn’t going to let them sandbag their EV offerings too much to protect their classic offerings. The taycan is slower around a track due to weight, and that’s a problem for everyone in the EV space.
  17. MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    even professionals can have weird takes on a vehicle that don’t agree with the owners or market consensus. The initial reviews of the McLaren 765LT look nothing like the owners’ consensus. It’s still not clear how well the 992 gt3 will fare on typical public roads, but whatever the answer is...
  18. MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    pretty sure they are exactly going after the S class. Tesla and Mercedes have been going at it over BMW’s market share
  19. Custom Build - At what stage is the point of no return?

    In CA, you can walk away any time before delivery and get a full refund. However, if you wish to do business with that dealer again you might negotiate a compromise. I'm not sure what you're worried about. Your dealer will be able to tell you if you get a MY22 allocation slot or not. Just...
  20. Ideal Tire Pressure for 2021 Taycan Turbo S

    …. Yeah. You haven’t experienced winter if you road trip to snow like Tahoe on high performance summer tires you should … rent a different car.