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  1. REIL

    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    I look forward to reading about your adventures as I am certain many on the forum will be. Thank you in advance for taking the time to document this.
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    Comment by 'REIL' in item 'Full Xpel + Ceramic'

    @Annalore Finally took the car in to get the PPF rock chips corrected. When I took it in there were actually nine spots like the ones in the previous image on the hood and bumper. One on the top left rear hip from rocks. Attached image after the correction today for those rock chips, no paint...
  3. REIL

    tire presure warning light

    My vehicle started having this exact same problem every day seven days ago. Will have the dealer look at it when I take it in next month. Every time I start I have to go into settings, vehicle, tire pressure. I check full load, uncheck full load and it clears.
  4. REIL

    Help with connection to PCM

    My car has functioned mostly without faults for 9 months. Three weeks ago lost all connection as you mention including no phone connection LTE, no Connect app etc... to the vehicle. My bluetooth does not even show the Taycan. Stopped by my Porsche center and the Taycan tech told me the PCM...
  5. REIL

    Weights for Taycan OEM wheels

    Take a look at this link from the @Administrator about Suspension. At the bottom of the thread, last image of 20” with specs and tire size weighed in at 60 to 66.
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    New Porsche EV concept to debut at IAA

    Could be an update on Porsche synthetic eFuel. The Taycan tech at my dealership mentioned something about it to me yesterday when I saw them for my PCM failure.
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    Take the latest recall seriously!!! Experienced loss of motive power

    My dealer knew nothing about the AMB5 safety recall two weeks ago when I called them and told them I had searched my VIN# and it was recalled. Three days ago I received a snail mail letter about the recall and an email two days ago. Yours may still be in the mail.
  8. REIL

    Take the latest recall seriously!!! Experienced loss of motive power

    @Schlossj appreciate the heads up. Glad you are safe. Was going to wait until October with snow tire swap and registration renewal. Your post has encouraged me to get it in earlier. My 4S purchased last fall July 2020 delivery has been flawless until yesterday. No LTE, blue tooth or wifi...
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    Best PTS color options for Taycan

    You can see voodoo blue under Porsche Premium Color scroll down or select Blue for a shorter list. Graph located at the end of this article. Avg % Premium
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    Best PTS color options for Taycan

    Two interesting articles regarding colors. Both colors you mention rank high to mid range in popularity. Most popular. Color impact on value...
  11. REIL

    Taycan owners in Belgium? CT? EV fast charging in Belgium.

    Dennis, beautiful chairing stations and chalk color looks great, really like it. What rims and tyre size are on your vehicle? Thank you in advance for your reply.
  12. REIL

    "Adaptive Regeneration Not Available"

    @KensingtonPark If you are referring to Overrun recuperation in Auto, I found a couple of interesting notes page 237, 238 US manual. Dirty sensors, battery SoC and PSM Sport mode. Hope this helps and is what you were looking for.
  13. REIL

    Ford Mach-E beats/sets efficiency record

    Spanish article from La Vanguardia UK coverage
  14. REIL

    4S - 2020.9 - P cannot be activated?

    Hola Per, By chance were you on an incline or some type of gradient and did you press the P before turning the vehicle off? From USA owners manual page 239.
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    Taycan Purchasing Advice

    May I suggest you take a trip to Bowmanville Ontario to PEC Canada and test drive a 911 and a Taycan on the track and other skill courses if possible. Or when the border opens fly down to the LA PEC which may be closer/easier to get to. Worth the cost to experience both models to make a...
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    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Beautiful spec. Welcome to red.
  17. REIL

    Gesture Controls

    You can write in an address or destination see video from GTK. These are just screenshots. Type Gestures in the search from GTK.
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    Taycan recall - all cars built before June 2021

    Article states 3,400 vehicles in Germany affected.
  19. REIL

    Bloomberg News : Porsche Readies Global Taycan EV Recall to Fix Software Issue

    Additional supporting articles.
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    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    @feye I see you changed the center caps to the colored shield from the silver and black. Looks quite nice with the new all black rims. I like it. Congrats.