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  1. Hootch280

    Had my wheels redone to match the car color (Gentian Blue).

    Hey Bill - I've got another wheel company to look at the repair - ever hopeful someone will step up and give it a go. WRT rapid charge points in the Bournemouth area - nothing above 50KWh is the answer. The new Porsche facility in Ferndown is meant to be getting 6 points but I think they will...
  2. Hootch280

    Had my wheels redone to match the car color (Gentian Blue).

    A word of warning - don't curb them. I have Taycan Exclusive Porsche Design 21 inch in gloss black - a common option as you will know. I clipped the curb side in a momentary lapse of concentration ( messing with the onboard displays after a service update that changed everything ) not bad, quite...
  3. Hootch280

    Dealer Software Update

    Seems this SW upgrade implementation is a mess. it took me a month to get the car booked in to my local Dealer and today - 2 days before it was due, I get a call to postpone it until the 24th May because they are having big problems with every one that they have attempted so far. Have Porsche...
  4. Hootch280

    looking for Taycan owners for motoring event in the UK end of July 2021

    Yep I'd be up for that - as long as its not in Scotland !!
  5. Hootch280

    Switched fuse (acc)

    Well I have installed a dash cam in my Taycan so I can advise on an ACC connection if you want to do it, but its on fuse panel in the right hand ( drivers ) foot well. I went for the power resources on that side since that's where the - get you out of trouble, open the bonnet when the battery is...
  6. Hootch280

    12 volt dead battery POLL

    I have had the 12 volt flat battery problem but .... It was parked in the garage and was not on charge and had not been used for a couple of days. The 12 volt battery is quite small - compared with an ICE car - it is not required to start an engine after all. I had Garmin Dash camera connected...
  7. Hootch280

    6 Weeks of Taycan Turbo ownership

    Hi Rob No it charges on a timed charge - by which I mean ready to go by a specific time and optimised charging schedule is used in conjunction with that - the timer and the charging profile work hand in hand. Optimised takes it to 85% of full charge for a couple of reasons Firstly - that's the...
  8. Hootch280

    6 Weeks of Taycan Turbo ownership

    Hi Graham - Thanks for your thoughts, you are way ahead of the game having owned Teslas for quite a while. I would agree you have far more charging stations in on your side of the south coast. Its not so much the local options but the lack of super fast chargers - like Ionity around the country...
  9. Hootch280

    6 Weeks of Taycan Turbo ownership

    Seems to me is what 'we' need here in the UK is a Porsche Taycan representative expert - like the US one on the site but understands what is and is not available - or will be available, on UK cars because the options and availably seem to be very different in various regions world wide. Come on...
  10. Hootch280

    6 Weeks of Taycan Turbo ownership

    Appreciate that feedback. Living down on the south coast my options are limited - i think my nearest Ionity is 100 miles away. Its a bit frustrating to think that the world wants to adopt cleaner energy but the ability to do that is restricted by availably and the need to factor in a possible...
  11. Hootch280

    6 Weeks of Taycan Turbo ownership

    Picked up this Taycan Turbo at the end of October - Brand new having kicked around the idea of a hybrid I decided to go the whole way and see if it is possible to live with a fully electric. Went from thinking about it to getting it in about 2 weeks - probably a bit rash but thought I might as...