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    Huge demand for Taycan causing wait to stretch to 6 months

    IMO, it takes a week to make one…so, I guess those dates are not accurate.
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    Let’s count how many CTs have made it into the road so far

    Changed my vote…from stuck at dealer to….delivered (Europe) :rock:
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    help (glass vs Park Assist vs Park Assist+HUD)

    We don’t have packages… all options needs to be ordered individualy. as far as i understand, i have 3D, but i’m not sure anymore :angel: edit: i have 360 surround, sorry if i misslead you.
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    help (glass vs Park Assist vs Park Assist+HUD)

    Don;t know regarding 360surround/3D…just collected the car, then went back to the office…will be there till night. i tinted rear windows…they are black….while front mirrors aren’t…so I really don’t know. first thoughts: it’s a hell of the car :rock: Rear cameras are…well… don’t like the view...
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    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Congrats & enjoy !!! :like: I'm picking mine at the afternoon. :champagne:
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    help (glass vs Park Assist vs Park Assist+HUD)

    IMO: definitely #1. #3: useless #2: would you really be comfortable, maneuvering on a parking place with your smartphone? Also, you already have 360 surround view.
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    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    Interesting…today, I could be in Porsche museum, but I was not able to take a day off when dealer invited me on a flight.
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    Delivery delays

    Mine was finished on July 16. TPM control unit arrived yesterday, I’m getting the car tomorrow afternoon. afaik, they are sending TPM based on FIFO…so I’d say that your TPM is somewhere in the air over Atlantic….and Sept.24 is doable. Fingers crossed! :like: :fingerscrossed:
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    Storage compartment dimensions?

    i’m getting my base CT4 tomorrow, but it’s with Bose….
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    Limestone Beige/ Black Leather interior

    IMO, it’a not black. you can check in configurator….if you select chalk, then you‘ll see black part. if you select olea beige, you’ll see black part as well.
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    336 Miles at 100%!
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    Noise Insulated Glass - specific Q

    I don’t know…i guess insulated glass are heavier, but it’s hard to believe that would effect range. In case of fire, no one escape through roof, no matter what kind it is. AFAIK, appropriate hammer is must have….check on Amazon. Noise. From what I read (and being told by sales), it’s worth to...
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    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    You don’t (want to) understand what I was trying to say. i do understand reasons of delays, but I don’t understand the way of communications, ie. customer care. if i’d treat my customers on a such way, i;d never ever been able to buy porche at all… BTW: I’m 60, and you are saying me spoiled...
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    What level are you? Post your garage charging plans or what you've done

    Here I am... voted for Level 2 (instead for Level 6).... which means 11kw for me without any changes on my infrastructure (400V, 16A, with Porsche mobile charger).
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    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Agreed with @Rocky and @samueldave . My dealer is owned by Porsche and even they didn't have any useful info. Once, they said that my car is going into production in the week of XX, while later on, they found out that it's been produced a week before... Not even mention, that I've been...
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    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    Congrats on your annyversary :champagne:
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    Delivery delays

    Mine was ready on July 16th. Tomorrow, TPM control unit should arrive to the dealer... so I'm counting days till delivery too :fingerscrossed:
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    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    As you cleaned reg.plate, try to remove pillar :angel: , or both of them:like:
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    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Same here. new orders are scheduled delivery for Q2,
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    Which option did you have the hardest time reaching a decision?

    Blackberry would be even my 1st choice, but it's not available in olea leather. I'm expecting my car to be delivered by the end of this (or next) week, but I've already seen him in person. I've never seen blackberry, but I'm very glad of truffle-brown. :like: