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  1. Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    Yes the camera quality is horrible, is just confusing. About improvement for sure we need to buy a new Porsche 2022-2023 model
  2. Regret Standard Interior?

    I have the limestone standard and looks and feel cheap, go for the upgrade.
  3. Have Porsche got the regen strategy (one pedal driving) right?

    Agreed the acc is a solution however is not standard equipment
  4. Have Porsche got the regen strategy (one pedal driving) right?

    E-tron is the same Taycan in a different line.
  5. Have Porsche got the regen strategy (one pedal driving) right?

    The irony is that is very simple for Porche via software to please everyone customer , just add one setting that includes one pedal driving, they don’t even have to think how to do it, VW electric line ID 3 and 4 has it. One pedal driving is the best for congested cities, specially with a car...
  6. Tesla Model S price increases to $89,990

    Do you plan using Tesla supercharger once it’s open to all EV’s??
  7. Tesla Model S price increases to $89,990

    I’m not sure, the refreshed model S interior is getting good reviews about quality. My Taycan has the base interior and is not a high quality of course the upgrade of 7K looks premium but is an upgrade.
  8. Model S Fire

    And what’s your point?
  9. Porsche Sentry Mode - How to lobby Porsche for updates?

    I don’t think the computer performance of the Taycan will be capable of doing sentry. If so, Porsche will be sell it as 2022 model new features for $$$$$$$$. Old business model.
  10. Taycan stolen

    Porsche should add pin to drive in the PCM.
  11. New to Porsche and 2 Safety Recalls in one month

    This is my first Porsche, before that I owned German and British luxury cars, then Tesla’ s S 3 versions. I got my Taycan by the end of May 2021, only 2 months with the car and I already got two safety recalls. 1) the notorious power electric issue very well known here, and the 2) A suspension...
  12. Baby monitor hack for passenger screen?

    You can watch a video in the Taycan infotainment, however only works when the car is in park. Safety reason.
  13. 79kw vs 93.4kw battery

    I have 79 kw and I tested the larger batter, the same for RWD, the additional power is offset by the additional weigh in the RWD. You onl gain 30 miles for 5K, not worth it.
  14. To Rail or Not To Rail

    The car is just beautiful no matter what.
  15. Recall update refused!

    I wish we could have PlayStation capability OTA in Porsche Software hardware and save future trips to the dealer, technology doesn’t stop and cell phones, new CarPlay-Androíd auto, google maps among others. I read in the forums that the 2022 PCM allows Android auto, the fact that isn’t OTA...
  16. Do brake lights illuminate when brake recuperation engages?

    Yesterday I asked my wife who was driving behind me and I tried braking with regen on at different speeds and the lights doesn’t go on, my best guess is that brake regen is soft as when you release the gas on ICE car.
  17. UPDATE 7/16: Thoughts on First 72 Hours with my Brick

    As usual fan you make excuses for Porche, you don’t know the facts, for sure the dealer have been working with Porsche, this is a big deal and Porche is lucky that isn’t in the social media as YouTube and others. This is more Porsche failure, they should take the car back and replaced with a new...
  18. Share your favorite aftermarket accessories

    I checked the 2030T-A for panoramic roof, however it’s for Tesla Model Y. Does it fit the Taycan?
  19. Taycan RWD Spec Help

    Agreed the performance battery only provides 30 more miles, not an increase in acceleration 0-60, the additional horse power and torque does’t make any difference. I think the car is limited to push people towards 4S.