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  1. Range Mode Speed Limiting Issue

    Happened to me. Came back after about 3 weeks by itself. Cannot attribute it to any action I took, but I didn't plug the car in for several days and it came back. Coincidence? Probably.
  2. Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    To the extent you can drive a Taycan on a track, I guess it's a track car. But it has the same fundamental problem of all EV's. Potentially lots of power but It's too heavy. Need to wait for a future incarnation that weighs a lot less. Then the car will get a lot quicker.
  3. Taycan Cross Tourismo Review by OutofSpec

  4. I gotta say, This Car is Sick!

    Lot's of neat stuff coming down the pipe.
  5. Plaid beats Taycan Turbo by 11 seconds around ring... will Porsche respond?

    You are probably right. Tuning the car is an easier fix than changing the battery and motors. Additional comment. Tesla looks like it used a brute force method to up the performance. Bigger battery and new motors. Not tuning the car.
  6. Plaid beats Taycan Turbo by 11 seconds around ring... will Porsche respond?

    I think Porsche will respond by creating a higher performance model at the expense of range. You can "tune" EV's to maximize range or performance or compromise on something in the middle. 100 kWh batteries seem to be the maximum that manufacturers are currently prepared to go to as the weight...
  7. Can't find the thread with the vid of Edmunds testing the Tesla Plaid...

    You can't reason with a cult member. You can just wind them up to a frantic pitch.
  8. Can't find the thread with the vid of Edmunds testing the Tesla Plaid...

    Fascinating to watch the Teslarati scurrying about after this review. Hope they are still taking their blood pressure meds.
  9. Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    Porsche has covered this in several publications. For maximum range their strategy is to prefer coasting when in Range mode hence recoup is turned off. And the car really is optimized for coasting. You can easily demonstrate this. Put the car in Range mode than get behind someone in traffic...
  10. Miscellaneous Comments

    Apples to oranges comparison with respect to costs. Simple is just pull a wire, attach a plug, parts extra and it doesn't cost much for a hour or two of work. Upgraded service, new service panel or hide the wires, a lot more.
  11. Trying to decide which battery for our 4S build.

    If doing anything more than local trips, EV's can be range challenged in really hot or cold temps. The bigger battery is the safer choice.
  12. Mercedes EQE looks better than EQS

    Seeking the lowest coefficient of drag tends to yield cars that look somewhat Tesla like. The Taycan has avoided this with its own unique look.
  13. Mercedes EQE looks better than EQS

    The Taycan is a much more distinctive looking car.
  14. 336 Miles at 100%!

    I did a couple of measured tests as to how long it takes the car to figure out your driving style and adjust the estimated range. The test involved driving at a constant speed of 115 kph / 71.5 mph for the whole trip and determining when the difference between estimated range and actual range...
  15. Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    This one is tested and I think it is accurate. From optimum range at 68F to 16.3F the hit to range is 30% at highway speeds (~70mph), It's not a linear decline. The battery appears to be slower to recover from cold temps than from say 50F to 68F where it ramps quickly. But linear is a rough...
  16. Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    Interesting report. Haven't been able to run a test at your high temps as we don't get temps that high here. Thank goodness. Don't know how people can live there. And your speeds are higher than speed limits I am allowed. From your results it appears that high temps hit range as much as...
  17. Do you have a pano roof?

    Without a qualm, its great for all the reasons previously expressed. Perhaps in some extreme climates such as Desert Southwest US maybe not.
  18. Tesla admits FSD is a pipe dream

    Just thinking that it's easy to criticize but difficult to come up with solutions. The need to bring this technology on remains. So here's mine. A recognition that what currently purports to be FSD can be dangerous in its current state. So require everyone who wants to use FSD (TBD) to take...
  19. Tesla admits FSD is a pipe dream

    You have a problem here. This stuff is already out there and some people just trust it, or abuse it, or don't know how to use it properly because they think it's fool proof or they're just too lazy to learn how to use it. Remember nobody reads manuals they just learn the facts from a YouTube...
  20. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Yes, Porsche is going to have to learn how to make cars in the brave new world. Farts are just a distraction. Can't use the parts bin to make a new car. Needs to get control of battery tech fast. Reduce product cycle times until the tech stabilizes. Learn how to do OTA (probably in a...