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  1. Mike in CA

    Add passenger screen, longer wait?

    A similar question was posted here recently; perhaps someone else can provide a link. Anyway, an outfit in Europe was asking for volunteers to submit their vehicle for installation of the second screen. IIRC , their "introductory" parts and labor price was in excess of 5000 Euros. I expect it...
  2. Mike in CA

    Porsche, please… my Taycan is not white!!!

    Talk about a first world problem.... o_O
  3. Mike in CA

    Amount/quality of leather in Taycan

    I got the $1690 Race Tex roof liner. I really like it and think it adds a lot. In combo with the full leather option it makes the interior a really nice place to be. My $.02.
  4. Mike in CA

    Amount/quality of leather in Taycan

    Thanks. Colors are a bit truer in the photo below. Honestly, the pictures don't do it justice. Anyway, full leather provides an ambiance that you don't get with standard, IMHO.
  5. Mike in CA

    Amount/quality of leather in Taycan

    I agree. Not to mention that there are interior color combinations not available with the standard leather; Black/Bordeaux Red, for example, which was my choice.
  6. Mike in CA

    Jeans and light leather - Impossible combination?

    Wear stone washed jeans. ;)
  7. Mike in CA

    Sport chrono clock

    I hope I'm not misunderstanding your question, but the digital portion of the regular sport chrono wart does display the time in hours and minutes; it's not just a stopwatch. As you've mentioned, seconds are ticked off by the analog sweep hand.
  8. Mike in CA

    4S Brake upgrade or not..

    Well, just the other day I stopped from 80% of top speed 26 times in a row, so....:) Fair enough, I'll bow to your analysis. I still love my PCCB's.
  9. Mike in CA

    4S Brake upgrade or not..

    The 90% figure that is tossed around as the percentage of braking handled by regeneration is a bit misleading, IMHO. First, it's a generalization based on average use, not necessarily on someone who drives their car in a spirted fashion, and I don't just mean on track. I like to drive my car...
  10. Mike in CA

    Insulated glass...?

    I have no hard evidence one way or the other but my main reasons for not choosing the insulated glass were anecdotal reports of reduced radar detector performance in other Porsches with this option as well as issues with cell phone signal. Regardless, with the standard glass the noise level in...
  11. Mike in CA

    Road & Track review. Talk about living under a rock for the last 6 months - why don't some journalists do their homework?

    This is a fairly old article but I remember being tweaked when I read it. Road & Track has lost their way. They used to be the gold standard for vehicle testing and now, not only do they no longer do fact based, instrumented road tests, they instead publish opinion based, uninformed puff...
  12. Mike in CA

    Now this is a Porsche!

    Well, I'm just having a tough time getting this right, aren't I? Still, your daughter looks to be charming!
  13. Mike in CA

    Now this is a Porsche!

    LOL. I'm sure she's careful, then. :) Beautiful car, beautiful young girl. You're a lucky guy! Cheers.
  14. Mike in CA

    Now this is a Porsche!

    Hey, little girl on the scooter! Not too close, please!! :eek:
  15. Mike in CA

    Discount off custom build

    I've purchased through Porsche of Marin. They had a change of ownership in the last couple of years and there has been some turnover but as a long time customer I've been treated well. My salesman is Michael Gray and he's been there since at least 2007. Ask for him. I can't guarantee a discount...
  16. Mike in CA

    Top to Bottom Review of the 2021 Taycan 4S (After 6 months ownership)

    Great review, very informative and well written. Thanks so much for sharing it with the forum! One quick note: the PSCB rotors have a tungsten carbide coating, not ceramic.
  17. Mike in CA

    Rear axle steering (RAS) - gimmick or?

    That's what I would have thought, so I was surprised when someone said their 14 way seat headrests didn't move. Thanks for confirming.
  18. Mike in CA

    OMG Elon really does lie

    I'm not at all surprised.
  19. Mike in CA

    Discount off custom build

    If you have a long standing relationship with your salesman and know for a fact that he and the current sales/general manager will still be around when it's time to make the purchase arrangements, then you will probably be fine. That said, I'm curious as to why he was unwilling to put something...