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    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    Save trip home and I can't wait for the sequel! Top thread!
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    PCM 6.0 in Cross Turismos being shipped currently?

    No not sure but MY22 builds should have - check with your dealer. That said, the various component shortages (see most recent post from a Porsche NA dealer listing various items) may lead to alterations.
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    3D surround view VS 360 Surround view - Park Assist ?

    The visual representations are the same - guidelines and coloured distance markers. The 3D hack still works but can be fiddly to use. Two modes of parking - find a space and park (attended) and remote parking ( unattended) Remote Parking feature only works with Apple iPhones and additionally...
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    I think I'm going with Frozen...

    We have black / crayon (I have it in mine) and black / beige.
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    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    Awesome! Oslo Blue 911?
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    I think I'm going with Frozen...

    IMHO I would caution against this colour and if you decide to proceed with it then I would seriously consider changing the choice of interior as I don't think black/crayon is the right combination unless you have seen in the metal. Black interior with frozen blue would work as would the non...
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    Dipping n/s mirror when reversing

    Sound advice and to be honest the dealer should have set this / explained at the time. Hey ho!
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    Strange behaviour these last few days...

    Yep, it cleared months ago so was a one time thing. Mine wasn't as bad as yours but again I think software related (boot sequence). I'm in Granada just now and the car is in Glasgow airport BUT Porsche Connect tells me it is actually in Edinburgh where I started the journey!
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    2022 Taycan - Android Auto and Remote Park Assist

    Android not listed in UK and so not clear if we'll get it. Remote Park Assist is only for Apple iOS (check the details) from what I can deduce but again this may be UK specific.
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    Taycan Cool Bag

    It's pretty rubbish IMHO. I have one and don't use it now. A cool bag with ice packs wins hands down.
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    Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    Borrow the demonstrator and try it out for size. Taycan is wider with the mirrors folded (21mm). I'm sure it will be fine and the 360 Pano cameras (side view) help enormously.
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    Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    Pana ST is not as wide as the Taycan (I had to replace my garage doors to get the Taycan in and was fine (tight) with the Pana ST). The front haunches are the widest part. CT is the better choice in the Taycan (IMHO) but had hoped the ST variant would appear first and save us the Audi A4 / A6...
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    Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    Have you ever owned a Panamera - particularly the Sport Turismo? If not, then that may explain it as both are different propositions (very similar size) currently and if the Taycan doesn't effectively replace the Panamera (I suspect it will) then the wider / niche choice is good for all in my...
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    Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    You will enjoy it and don't take to heart everything quoted on this forum. For sure we've all had issues with our Taycans and for those of us who are new to EVs in general have a new way of living with an EV to learn (all part of the fun). Journey's require planning (but not difficult), sensible...
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    Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    I chose not to put the car through my company but agree the incentives are there (currently) for the taking. Still doesn't change my view that the Panamera is of better quality / more luxurious / more practical and can be had as a hybrid. I didn't want a hybrid and so Taycan it was and now I...
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    I tried the Ionity devices at Perth Triangle (first use of my Taycan Card) last week. I got around 125kW (50% SOC) but quick enough. All went well until I had finished and restarted the car to continue on my journey - I had 3 random lighting warnings (main beam etc, I couldn't turn my lights...
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    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    The best thread by far on this forum!
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    Surround View vs 3D Surround View?

    Adds virtual cameras and a 3D render of the car which you can then rotate with your finger. There is a free hack as mentioned to access this feature but can be fiddly to use. The additional cost is really for the self and remote parking ,(for IPhone only) and doesn't support all parking...
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    Car charged to 100% despite charging profile being set to 85% maximum

    Set a timer too. Note that if your battery charge is less than minimum charge value set in your profile the car will charge immediately and then pause when target is met. Typically set this value to 25%
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    Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    More spacious, better interior finish - contrasting stitching standard, better PCM (larger, better maps etc), scope for soft close doors, trailer hitch, rear seating options on a different level.