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  1. Does battery supply issues for Audi impact the Taycan?

    Yes, Elon just cited battery supply for the 20-30% drop off in production
  2. Buying Without Test Driving?

    For $200k, you could buy the new Tesla Roadster which will in all likelihood be their first true sports car
  3. Taycan prototype looking great in motion. Now with video and sound!

    Schematic renderings of the battery pack showed a big cutout or gap in the rear seat where the feet are. That surprised me bc of the potential battery performance impact. Perhaps they’ve changed their mind though that would seem late in the game.
  4. Porsche drops first production Taycan images in official camo!

    You seem far more rational in your suspicions and fears than anyone who says “over-speculating forum dudes ... bugging out” ... I’m coming from a Tesla S Performance and it’s a beautiful car but Porsche has a chance to crush it with real performance and performance-inspired styling...
  5. Taycan resale value

    That was a well thought answer. I believe year 1 & 2 will hold up but I’d add that battery management & performance are potential for downside. Fit & finish plus better service will help vis-a-bis Tesla. Ultimately depreciation (I think) will conversge similarly to like ICE cars.
  6. Does the Taycan use a skateboard chassis?

    Note the discontinuity in battery cells at the feet in the back seat. The advantage to this deign is the foot height can be normal. In the proposed Tesla Roadster everyone bites the step up. There, like the S, 3 and X... batteries are continuous in the skateboard front to back. To be determined...
  7. Taycan / electric in the snow and cold weather?

    The other thing to keep in mind is that the skateboard design (batteries in the board) creates a low center of gravity which helps driving in the snow. I’ve had 5 winters in my Tesla P85 and can say the car drives really well in winter. I do not have air suspension but in Indiana... I haven’t...
  8. Some interesting lines on the prototype

    That looks like a place for a camera as you mentioned. That’s where it is in the Tesla Model S
  9. Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Wagon Caught Winter Testing in Sweden

    Looks like a place for a camera. That looks similar to what’s on my Tesla S
  10. Here's what the Taycan Targa and Sport Turismo versions could look like!

    Beautiful Targa if it were to be built!
  11. Here's what the Taycan Targa and Sport Turismo versions could look like!

    Those wheels look large and, like the base Taycan, perhaps will end up smaller
  12. New Members Say Hello Here!

    New to the forum. Drive a Tesla P85 and thinking I’ll put down a deposit. I like that the best guesses are that Taycan will be shorter than the S. I’ll miss the interior simplicity but I want a better driving car.