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  1. FrozenRobert

    Anyone else invited to take survey to be part of Porsche Council?

    Never head of it but it sounds cool. :) If there's swag involved, even better.
  2. FrozenRobert

    Other Hobbies

    Sorry -- I put my response above.
  3. FrozenRobert

    Other Hobbies

    The pyramids (about 1.5 km from my house) are a set of four huge glass "ecosystems" that contain biomes from 4 different parts of the Earth. It is a very popular tourist spot here in my city and was set up in the 1970's by a very wealthy Canadian family that donated the land, money, and...
  4. FrozenRobert

    Other Hobbies

    Photography. Puts me in a "zen" mood, makes me focus on nature, my surroundings, the seasons. Been doing it for 20+ years. Just a hobby to relieve stress and enjoy life.
  5. FrozenRobert

    Thursday is a great day to see a Taycan in the Autumn...

    Saw these beautiful reflections of the Autumn colours across my 4S this afternoon ... couldn't keep these to myself. Maybe you've had a long day. Maybe you're waiting for your build. Maybe you just like beautiful cars. So I thought I'd post these. Such a wonderful car. The infatuation keeps on...
  6. FrozenRobert


    Thursday is a great day to enjoy a Cherry Red Metallic TAYCAN ... The Autumn colours on the trees made some beautiful reflections on my (mostly) clean car... :)
  7. FrozenRobert

    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    A fantastic read! Thank you so much! Makes me want to take my 4S to the Canadian Rockies, just for fun! Can't wait for your Scandinavian Tour, will definitely be watching! :)
  8. FrozenRobert

    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    Read this entire blog from start to end, thank you so much for sharing! Such an amazing journey!
  9. FrozenRobert

    What’s the classiest colour?

    I know it has been mentioned previously but the cherry red metallic is amazing. It is true that depending on the time of day, the car can look bright red (at noon) or deep burgundy (at sunset). IMHO the Taycan line looks fantastic in all the colour options, but for me the metallic paint choices...
  10. FrozenRobert

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Just can't restrain myself. Took this one last night as I was about to park my car.
  11. FrozenRobert

    Show Us Your Prestige License Plates

    I have a Fuji digital camera that seems to really pick up the beautiful metallic red of the Taycan, my other cameras don't capture it quite as well. I think the Cherry Red is one of the most beautiful colours on these cars! But then again I'm biased. :)
  12. FrozenRobert

    Personalized License Plates - What’s Yours / What do you Suggest?

    Just got my plate a couple weeks ago. In my jurisdiction you have to fill out an Orwellian-type form and submit meaningless paperwork just to get the special plate. Questions like: "Why do you want this plate?" "What does the plate mean?" "Does it mean something in other languages?" Etc. etc...
  13. FrozenRobert

    Show Us Your Prestige License Plates

    Can't remember if I posted mine already, but here's my 4S out in the wild. "ZIPNZAP" refers to, well, um ... yes officer I was obeying the speed limit. And the 'ZAP' part is the charging. Or the electric jolt you get from Launch Control. :)
  14. FrozenRobert

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Damn those are some GREAT shots!!! I'm also curious at what gear you used for this. Bit of a photography nerd here.
  15. FrozenRobert

    Here she is

    Damn that's one sexy car. Those rims!!! Wow!!!
  16. FrozenRobert

    What are your top 3 favorite functions

    1. Drive Modes. Use them all the time. Total blast. 2. The customizable digital "dashboard" and the CarPlay integration. 3. The Porsche handling. Oooh... p.s. Did I mention the handling? :)
  17. FrozenRobert

    MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    His review of the vehicle verges on religious fanaticism, as if he can barely contain himself with multiple superlatives about how great this-or-that is. As he liked to say in the article, "here's the kicker": no word on WHEN these will hit the streets. Let me repeat that: bring in an...
  18. FrozenRobert

    Taycan Secret Tips and Functions

    ( ... looking at watch until thread gets back to talking about Taycans... )