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  1. ampitup

    Other Hobbies

    Besides my 4S my biggest hobby is shooting handguns. Shot competitively for years but now just for fun. My wife is as enthusiastic about it as I am.
  2. ampitup

    Had another 11 updates OTA today.

    I do get OTA updated periodically.
  3. ampitup

    Island holiday with Cross Turismo

    Outstanding report. Thanks for sharing.
  4. ampitup

    Turismo CT arrived - Chalk with Slate interior and 21”

    Beautiful car. Congrats.
  5. ampitup

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    I heard it in a test drive but the car I choose from inventory does not have it. Do I miss it. That would b NO!
  6. ampitup

    Is the Taycan really 195" long??

    Most definitely.
  7. ampitup

    Can’t wait until tomorrow…..

    Nice ride. Congrats.
  8. ampitup

    Do you daily your Taycan?

    My Taycan 4S is my only vehicle.
  9. ampitup

    POLL: What's your Porsche experience level?

    My Taycan 4S is my 8th Porsche in the last eight years.
  10. ampitup

    New recall - brake issue

    Just checked my Vin number on NHTSA website and my 4S has 0 recalls.
  11. ampitup

    Insulated glass...?

    I have it and really like it.
  12. ampitup

    Porsche, please… my Taycan is not white!!!

    My car is Pure White. It's white on the Porsche Connect App and on the center console. One of the benefits of buying a white Taycan.
  13. ampitup

    Jeans and light leather - Impossible combination?

    My jean have been washed numerous times and still leave stains on my light color interior. I use leather cleaner and condition at least twice a month to remove the stain.
  14. ampitup

    After 45 days my Taycan Tourism Cross is.....dead

    At leas they know what caused the issue.
  15. ampitup

    New Addition To My Taycan 4S - roof and door handles wrapped in gloss black

    Thanks. I wanted the outside mirrors wrapped but because of their design it was not possible so I decided to go with the door handles. In the end I like it better with the door handles than I think I would have liked it with the mirrors done.
  16. ampitup

    New Addition To My Taycan 4S - roof and door handles wrapped in gloss black

    Just had the roof and door handles wrapped in gloss black and very happy with the results.
  17. ampitup

    are all rear cameras this bad?

    Mine works fine.
  18. ampitup

    Top to Bottom Review of the 2021 Taycan 4S (After 6 months ownership)

    Excellent review. Thanks for sharing.
  19. ampitup

    Discount on custom build

    I got 9% off my 2021 4S. It was my 8th Porsche in the last 8 years from the same dealer.
  20. ampitup

    8 Hours at PEC Atlanta Experience - A Review

    As a member of the Porsche Club of America I had the opportunity to visit PEC Atlanta before it actually opened to the public. Spent the entire day and got to drive a Cayman S, Boxster S, 911 TurboS, Panamera and Cayenne off road. The launch control on the 911 Turbo S was amazing. All of that...