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  1. PorscheCam needed(?)

    Dang, that sucks to see. So you tracked the guy down and he’s paying for the damage?
  2. muting audio

    OP were you ticketed?
  3. Other Hobbies

    Golf for me
  4. Here she is

    Thank you for changing out those wheels. Car looks great!
  5. Allocations?

    That's certainly a lot for a 4s but to get to that number you'd need to have spec'd a lot of options which aren't included on the Turbo either. Have you done a build for a Turbo with the same options to see what that comes out to?
  6. Technology package

    In a car as wide as a Taycan, it hardly seems there would be a difference! :giggle:
  7. Allocations?

    I got an allocation from a dealer in FL in late August with a freeze date of yesterday. I didn't really get the impression is was for any particular trim level, just for a Taycan. We also have at least 8-10 Porsche dealers in this state. The dealer did ask me where I lived and said they...
  8. Technology package

    If you look at the standard equipment list, it says that Lane Keep Assist (LKA) including Traffic Sign Recognition is included on the 4s, as well as Warn and Brake Assist at least for 2022. Therefore, I don't think you need ACC for collision safety. Please note that Lane Keep Assist and Active...
  9. Technology package

    Personally my goal is to keep the car for a long time so I don't worry about resale value. I found all the packages included too much stuff I didn't really care about. It was cheaper for me and I still got all the features I wanted by not selecting any packages and just selecting the options...
  10. Is the Taycan really 195" long??

    Do the non-retracting mirrors still fold in manually?
  11. Is the Taycan really 195" long??

    I was trying to see how well my new Taycan was going to fit in the garage so I looked up the size and I was amazed. According to, the car is 195.4" long and 77.5" wide. For reference, my Ford Explorer is 198″ L x 79″ W and seats 7 passengers plus cargo. This is making me have to...
  12. PNWR PCA Autocross Taycan 4S Report

    In a Miata it's one thing but I dunno if I could bring myself to bounce a Porsche off the rev limiter like that. :p
  13. What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    On Friday I noticed my delivery date was moved from 12/10 to 12/3. I really hope if they’re confident to move the date up that they know what they’re talking about. If I don’t get the car on time I’m going to not only be disappointed, but also confused. 😝
  14. One week with my 4S CT

    Not to derail this thread, but I dunno if I’m buying the idea that the standard brakes won’t experience any fade under any circumstances before the battery is drained. What is the basis for this claim? Also, what happens if you have better tires than stock or a sticker than normal road...
  15. Had an interesting chat with some dudes from Lucid test team

    I totally agree. Charging the battery is not good for it, and neither is being at a high state of charge. If you can go 2-3 weeks without charging and not keep the battery at 80%+ state of charge, that’s a win in my book. The extra range for the occasional road trip is icing on the cake...
  16. you tube of my counter measures installation

    Damn, great l looking install! That had to cost a pretty penny.
  17. WTT: Mission E Centercaps for White/non-Colored Centercaps

    I’m definitely wondering as well. Waiting for my order to be built right now with Mission E wheels and I’m not 100% sure what I’m getting.
  18. WTT: Mission E Centercaps for White/non-Colored Centercaps

    For anyone wondering, when you get the Mission E wheels they come with "monochromatic" center caps unless you get a Turbo S in which case you get the colored center caps.
  19. Porsche Wall Charger Connect (19.2kW USA)

    Damnit, I just bought the Wattzilla 75 amp EVSE like a week ago :(
  20. Wallbox Pulsar Plus vs. ChargePoint Home Flex

    Just curious, did you spec the 19.2kw charger?