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  1. Which option did you have the hardest time reaching a decision?

    ceramic breaks. best choice ever. brake dust bothers me after car wash and still seeing break dust on wheels in those hard to reach areas. break dust is not a thing with ceramic it appears.
  2. Software Recall completed yesterday - 4 new error messages today

    this past sunday I was chilling in the pool and got a call from porsche that my car was stolen , i said. know its in my driveway, then i said no it could not be a dead battery again. they already fixed that issue. But sure enough completely dead. had to use my key in the remote to...
  3. OFFICIAL: TeslaTap Mini Adapter GROUP BUY is now AVAILABLE

    PRetty soon elon will steal this design and incorporate it when he opens up t his supercharges to all other EVS
  4. Birthday Taycan Mini Road Rally - A Photo Diary

    looks like a awesome day. such a great route as well! and you cant go wrong with big basin for some nice sliders and fries. Only thing missing was a white taycan ;)
  5. How big a deal is it?

    im pretty sure after your test drive your choice will be made. I know mine was. Congrats in advance.
  6. Confused About Home Charging

    have you had the same issue with the tesla mobile ( the one they include in the trunk) charger and tesla tap?
  7. Please Welcome Stealth

    I feel your pain. mine was not as long ( about a month without it) . however when mine came back it drove better then it originally did
  8. Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    for the guys that did the pinacales drive, did you try charging at the camp ground ? Camped their a few years ago and it was awesome, would like to go back sometime.
  9. Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    if not already tried, use a hair dryer when removing any stickers. it helps alot , then some lighter fluid to help remove any excess residue
  10. Delete Taycan 4s lettering or not?

    i would delete everything if i could. Ideally i would like to delete all the detailed badges and just have blank crest for wheels and front hood.
  11. Taycan Battery Pack Teardown

    I would like to see what a happens if they swap the cells with tesla cells. 350 + mile range?
  12. Tesla to Open Superchargers to Others Next Year

    I use my wifes tesla mobile Charger from her model 3 to charge my taycan when home. I use it along with the (Lectron - Tesla to J1772 Adapter, Max 40A & 250V - For Tesla High Powered Connector, Destination Charger) works great. and much better then having 2 seperate chargers at home. I...
  13. In the flesh at dealership: Ice Grey Cross Turismo with Off Road Package, 21" Wheels

    the more i look @ these cross turismo models the more i look forward to the Macan electric version.
  14. Mansory Porsche Taycan Program Announced

    these guys should be banned from every buying a porsche again. they care more about putting their name badges on the car ( i counted5) , then actaully improving the look and feel.
  15. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Im sure he got lost looking for a EV america super charger.
  16. My Wife Thinks I Should Paint My Taycan Like This

    I think your wife is trying to tell you something. But I would not worry about . I almost and still might wrap mine in rust color.
  17. Lucid Air first ride

    saw one of these on the 880 freway here in teh bay area, had a lot of sensors and instruments attached. Im sure the car is advanced and all, but it reminds me of a lincoln. it will be interesting to see how they sell.. It surprising how car companys are using nex gen technology but are...