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  1. Bajas21

    Production Started in July, Still at the Factory 3 Months later?

    Roughly same situation for me. The SA said mine missing extra key, phone charger and sport sound, but none of that would qualify for stop sale. Mine was due to originally due to be delivered in August, now showing 12/3, but it’s been pushed so many times, not hopefully at this point. Things...
  2. Bajas21

    Huge demand for Taycan causing wait to stretch to 6 months

    Not at all. TYD originally had my delivery scheduled for August, slipped to Sept, Oct, Nov and now sitting at 12/3, but SA seem even that might be optimistic. He told me TPMS, seat foam, light sensors among other things causing the delay.
  3. Bajas21

    Where is Porsche storing completed vehicles awaiting chips?

    Just curious if anyone is aware of how Porsche is storing cars that are awaiting chips. My 4S was originally slated to be delivered in July, kept getting delayed and I got notification that it was completed two weeks ago and I have the vin, but delivery in now set for 12/3. Not optimistic that...
  4. Bajas21

    Delivery delayed - What are others seeing

    Just checked TYD and today the pushed out delivered date to 10/8 another full month delay from 9/7. Original delivery was August.
  5. Bajas21

    Anyone option the wood trim and thoughts on it?

    Thank you for the pictures. I didn’t know that it was in the backseat as well. Definitely like the look and keeping it. Thanks for your help!
  6. Bajas21

    Anyone option the wood trim and thoughts on it?

    I would appreciate that so much!! Thank you. I’m leaning toward keeping it but the options added up quickly and that’s a nice to have, but feel it adds something special to the interior.
  7. Bajas21

    Anyone option the wood trim and thoughts on it?

    My change date on my 4S is coming in three weeks. I optioned the wood trim and think it looks elegant. Curious if anyone optioned that and if you’re happy with the decision. Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. Bajas21

    Delivery delayed - What are others seeing

    Ordered a 4S on April 21 and TYD had an initial delivery date of 8/27. As of this morning delivery date pushed to 9/10. Doesn’t bod well for supply chain issues. Also, 9/10 delivery is still showing MY21 and I’m considering canceling for a MY22.