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  1. DerekS

    PPF installers in the Bay Area?

    Carswerx did me right out there!
  2. DerekS

    Charging limits

    Is "direct charging" on?
  3. DerekS

    Problems to fix - review after 12K miles

    I also want this fixed. I don't think it's a chip, I think it's just a software bug. The wheel does respond to the preset buttons, for me. What I did as a workaround, when leaving the car: Power off, waiting for the dash animation to complete Press and hold preset 3 which I've configured...
  4. DerekS

    Other Hobbies

    Awesome! Wonka is by far our favorite. We also have JJP POTC CE, Guns CE and Hobbit BA.
  5. DerekS

    Regenerative braking finally working

    News to me as well. What I've observed is the first 1-2 stops per day go straight to the brakes, then regen works thereafter.
  6. DerekS

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    FWIW I've gotten a lot of comments and compliments about the sound. At a Porsche meetup: "I wish my Tesla Model 3 at home did that." A friend: "It sounds exactly what I'd expect a car from the future to sound like" etc.
  7. DerekS

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    It's worth having the dealer do it for warranty coverage in case anything goes wrong.
  8. DerekS

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    Another consideration: the ESS might be sought after for resale the same way Sport Chrono and PSE are.
  9. DerekS

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    Definitely worth the build time cost. Maybe not the aftermarket cost though.
  10. DerekS

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    I must be in the minority - I turn on the sport sound every single time I drive.
  11. DerekS

    Turtle Mode??

    I can't figure out how to do this - I've got it on the "Info" display, and clicking the thumbwheel offers no additional settings. Any ideas?
  12. DerekS

    Turtle Mode??

    I did not fast charge. I did have it parked in the sun (101F outside) and enabled the climate control 20 mins before I got into the car. Then drove it home as I usually do, floored.
  13. DerekS

    Yellow turtle drive error

    @PasaDena what was the resolution for your car? I just experienced this for the first time.
  14. DerekS

    Turtle Mode??

    Today my car had a dramatic loss of power. Not the kind that has been widely reported, but a weird situation where I could floor the accelerator and barely get any power. The yellow turtle icon kept flashing on and off. It is 100F outside today. Is this any kind of normal behavior, or is...
  15. DerekS

    Update/Recall duration

    Note: Mine was the software recall only, no modules or hardware at all.
  16. DerekS

    Update/Recall duration

    I insisted on waiting, specifically to avoid my car getting thrown in the queue and taking forever. When they did the job they did warn me that if something went wrong they would have to send me away with a loaner...but in the end they got it done in 3 hours.
  17. DerekS

    Canceling Trial Porsche Connect Services

    Hey all, I found it - it cannot be done from your vehicle's "services" page. You must use the link to the Porsche Connect store: There are "cancel contract" links in there.
  18. DerekS

    Advice for considering to buy a lemon/buyback?

    Sounds like a fairly normal Taycan to me. :) - I've had many PCM bugs and issues. - I've seen the occasional weird message on the instrument cluster. - I've had issues enabling Porsche Connect services. In short, the software side of the car is still a little soft in the middle. I don't...
  19. DerekS

    Canceling Trial Porsche Connect Services

    My trial is up for PIRM today and I got my first invoice for it...I don't use the feature and want to cancel the subscription, but can't find a way how. Does anyone know?