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  1. COFFEE BEIGE Taycan Club

    I have a Coffee Beige RWD on order too. In our state, front license plates are required so I'm in your boat.
  2. Allocations?

    I heard on CNBC this morning that the car industry has $210 billion in unfulfilled orders (back orders).
  3. Allocations?

    I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and visited the Porsche dealer in Woodland Hills. There were about 10 Taycans (Turbos, 4S's and RWD) in stock in various colors. You might want to do a search to see if you can find stock at any dealership. I live in NY and found a 2021 model close match to...
  4. Winter tires

    If I can't get 'NFO Porsche' (as far as I can tell from the Tire Rack configurator, the Michelin Alpin 5 is not NFO), will there be problems with Porsche warranties?
  5. Winter tires

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am looking online in North America and am only seeing the PIRELLI SCORPION WINTER tires available. My car isn't going to be delivered until the end of 2021 (if I’m lucky) so I do have some time. Its possible there will be better availability as we get closer to...
  6. Winter tires

    I don't see any Nokian winter tires being available...
  7. My Specification

    If you are charging at home and can charge over night, the built in 11 kw charger is fine. You will be able to charge in 8 hours or less. Someone mentioned that a 22 kw charger is good for Uber drivers who need to charge quickly at home. That sounds like a reasonable usage model. The 150kw/400v...
  8. Winter tires

    Any recommendations on a European on-line shop to order the Hakka's?
  9. New York State passes new law: zero emissions vehicles required by 2035

    Indeed they do and in a great location (downtown Montauk behind Naturally Yours sandwich shop). But they are not particularly fast: the best I've been able to get is about 75kw.
  10. New York State passes new law: zero emissions vehicles required by 2035

    Next summer we'll do a road trip to Montauk. :-)
  11. FS: 20" Porsche OEM Turbo Aero Wheels, Tires, Sensors and Center Caps $3000

    Are these winter, summer or all season tires?
  12. Semiconductor-Related Production Delays - Information from PCNA

    Any idea of the significance of the Bose amplifier? It says something about '... limits navigation and telephone operations'.
  13. 336 Miles at 100%!

    Ditto on my Tesla Y. I charge weekly to 85% and I get maybe to 200 miles when I recharge. My daily commute is 32 miles round trip. Extrapolating this week: 85% start - 9% end = 76% 196 miles driven 196 / .76 = 258 miles estimated full range at 100% The Tesla 'guess-o-meter' after the charge...
  14. New York State passes new law: zero emissions vehicles required by 2035

    While everyone is entitled to their opinion, what happens if you're wrong and in 20 years, if humans don't make significant changes to the way we live, the entire planet is uninhabitable? What if in 20 years the forest fires on the west coast consume the entire western part of North America...
  15. New York State passes new law: zero emissions vehicles required by 2035

    Where I live, much of the electric power comes from hydro (Niagra Falls). And there's a new offshore wind farm which is the final stages of permitting. So there is something happening. Whether this will create enough electric power to support a rapid change from ICE to EV, only time will tell...
  16. Wallbox Pulsar Plus vs. ChargePoint Home Flex

    While I have not used either EVSE, in general here are a couple of things you need to consider: 1. what kind of electric service do you have in your house? How much power can you dedicate for EV charging at night? This is really the #1 thing you need to decide. When I was getting ready to...
  17. What level are you? Post your garage charging plans or what you've done

    It might be interesting to add to the poll how many people use multiple EVSE's shared on one AC connection. My house only has 100 amp service and my Juicebox 40 works fine with my EVs as long as I charge one at a time. But at some point I might need multiple EVSE's and they will need to share...
  18. Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    That's one of the problems with Tesla: they spend their time developing 'cool' features like fart mode, games and cool pictures of the car in 3D. But these stupid things take away resources from things which really matter, like making their auto steer work reliably. All you need is one bad auto...
  19. Advice on my RWD as freeze is tomorrow

    I'd love to see what you find. While I primarily charge at home over night where the charging rate on my 40 amp Juicebox 40 works fine, from time to time I've used Tesla superchargers and have been disappointed by the charge rate. My point is that you do NOT need the 400v/150kw option to take...
  20. How many chargers are included?

    Just to be clear, the charger is built into the car. The Taycan comes standard with two built-in chargers: an AC charger (maximum 240 volts at 48 amps) and a DC charger (maximum 800 volts at about 300 amps). The device outside of the car, which you plug into when charging, is called an EVSE...