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  1. How did you pay for your Taycan?

    Just financed with a 1.74% interest rate from a national online credit union with about 33% down payment in cash . At that price, it was a no brainer to finance and invest the rest of the cash in the market.
  2. Anyone considering other EV's?

    I'll keep the Taycan until I no longer need a sedan because my kids are out of the house or have their own cars in a few years. At that point, I'll custom build a Mission R.
  3. PostPoned - date TBD - [4th Annual Taycan Social Drive] - where should we go? TBD

    Would love to join a future ride, once my Taycan arrives in a few weeks (fingers crossed). Looking forward to seeing some pics of the next ride.
  4. CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    Love these pics, I'm picking up a white 4S soon and have been considering Stealth PPF for it. Do you have any outdoor pics?
  5. Delivery delays

    Got it, my Home selection after logging into My Porsche just shows the vehicle info. As if it's done but not activated. No TYD info available. Probably different since this was a dealer build.
  6. Delivery delays

    I've tried a few times to get TYD working but for some reason it's not. The vehicle shows up under My Porsche as under my name, but I can't figure out what complex IT dance is required to get the TYD page to show up for me. Any ideas?
  7. Delivery delays

    Spoke to my dealer, apparently I had bad information thinking my car was in Jacksonville, FL waiting on the TPMS. It was actually still in Emden, Germany with a hold until we got an update this morning. It is now enroute across the Atlantic, but we have no idea what parts on it maybe missing...
  8. taycan not selling well??

    That makes sense. I definitely see a big drop in pricing for non-CPO used Taycans that are starting to make their way to non-Porsche dealers. These often have significant discounts off MSRP.
  9. taycan not selling well??

    You probably know more than I do about these auctions! Only repeating what I've heard from sales managers. I assumed the Porsche dealers had some kind of internal system where these trades are being made. I definitely know of one trade for 2020 Gentian Blue which I don't believe had many miles...
  10. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Given that I purchased my car through an out of state dealer, and it's being delivered to them prior to coming to me, I'm a bit worried about the dealer installed parts coming afterwards, even if they can legally do it. It seems like I might need to wait until the car is fully assembled at the...
  11. taycan not selling well??

    Dealers are auctioning off the highly optioned Taycans for sure. I tracked one 4S which was highly optioned to $157K MSRP. It was a customer build that someone backed out of. It was built in the Pacific Northwest, and they would not budget enough on the price, but ended up selling it to another...
  12. What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    How many of you are thinking of canceling your order and going for something off the lot or a used Taycan? Dealers are well aware and taking advantage by price gouging. I had a dealer this morning try to sell a used 2021 4S at $3K above MSRP. It had been titled, but returned after 3 months.
  13. TPMS Group Buy !?!? No seriously where are these things?

    Just got the news I'm in this club too. Original delivery date was tomorrow 9/2 and now I'm pushed back till 9/24 waiting in the Jacksonville port.
  14. What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    My sales guy at Suncoast Porsche in FL just got back to me today. I'm officially in the "Delayed by TPMS" club with the rest of y'all. My 2021 4S was scheduled for delivery on 9/2 and it's now delayed to 9/24. It's sitting in the Jacksonville port now with all the other Taycans. I just called...
  15. MT review of Lucid. Better than Taycan?

    Incentives for pro reviewers are often skewed towards making brands look better, until the reviewer is so well known and respected, that they can't be bought. But no brand really wants to support the rise of such a reviewer, which is why they are pretty rare. That's why for years, I've relied...
  16. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Yeah I've heard the tech argument before, and as someone who works in the Tech industry, I don't buy into it. I think too many people get enamored by shiny tech and ignore systematic quality and service issues, wasting both money and mental energy on both. If I want to watch a movie in my...
  17. Our Taycan in the Scottish Highlands Video Feature

    Truly amazing video and very inspiring! Love how the mambo green looks in the highlands!
  18. Porsche Expands Online Marketplace to New Cars

    I used Porsche Finder for a while before realizing the data was pretty stale. Many of the cars I called about (used and new) were already sold and off the dealer's websites when I called about them. Oddly, I had more luck with than I did with Porsche's website. Cars showed up...
  19. Dealer "Incoming Vehicle" on Website

    Thanks for the tip! I just called them and they told me the vehicle is in the Jacksonville, FL port, slated for delivery on 9/3. I asked if it may delay due to TPM and the rep told me there is no hold on the vehicle currently which would indicate that it's likely to deliver on time.
  20. Dash cams

    New to having a dashcam but it seems like it's a must have now. That FitcamX hardware looks very clean on the installation and the price is really great compared to the OEM Porsche dashcam. However, it looks like the software is definitely not as friendly and having to switch to it's wifi...